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A Sampling of Shows

Live Audience Shows

"Linux Sucks" - 2016 (Guest Stars: Richard Stallman, Piers Anthony, Cory Doctorow, Jim Whitehurst)
Windows is AWESOME!
Linux Sucks 2019 - The Lost Recordings
Linux is Freaking Weird
"Why Linux Sucks" - 2013
"Linux Sucks" - 2014
The Internet of Things is Going to Destroy Us All
The Complete History of Linux (Abridged)
Linux Sucks. Forever. 2018


Stewart Cheifet "The Computer Chronicles" - Apr 5, 2017
Creator of OS/2 Based ArcaOS - May 23, 2017
MC Frontalot - Nerdcore Rapper - Apr 26, 2017
MC Frontalot talks about his new album: Net Split
25th Anniversary of FreeDOS -- with Jim Hall
Richard Stallman - Apr 14, 2017
Brendan Eich - Jan 9th, 2018


Open Source orgs sign letter condemning Mob Tactics, advocating Meritocracy
Firefox to reduce RAM usage to less than 14GB
FreeBSD Code of Conduct outlaws "friendship", "affection"
Chrome to release new version every 2.3 hours
Google unveils 17 new chat apps
Apple Self-Rates Repairability: Gives Self High Fives, Fist Bumps
Red Hat offers burned CentOS users a consolation: Two stress balls and Applebees coupon
Internet destroyed due to lack of Net Neutrality
Docker merges with Bitcoin. Becomes Sentient.
Microsoft Marries Linux
California Blackout Caused by VIM
Senators unveil "AOL for All" legislation
Microsoft Announces Clippy for Linux

Other Stuff

Linux Sucks 2020
Linux Sucks 2021 - The End of Linux is Nigh
Awesome Masculinity, Computers, & You
Maybe the Internet wasn't such a great idea.
The Linux Civil War is coming (and that sucks)
The Windows 2000 Launch (and the party)
The Linux World is being split in two
Remembering WWDC 2002 - "The MacOS 9 Funeral"
That time I interviewed at Amiga, inc.
Taking a stand against hate in the Linux community
On Mob Justice in the Tech Industry
The SEC Can Pry LBRY/Odysee From My Cold Dead Hands
Stallman's 1983 "Free Unix!" Historic USENET Post
The First Linux Sucks - 2009
Computers are broken (and we're all going to die)
This is the future. And it sucks.
Best Search Engine of All Time
The Case Against the Fediverse
Why Twitter was Doomed to Fail
Mozilla is Not Trustworthy
Bigotry in the Tech Industry Sucks
Meme - noun - [meem] - a dumb, overused word that means almost nothing, should never be used again.
5 Pieces of Technology that used to suck a whole lot less
The parable of The Dynamically Loading Refrigerator
"Religious People" - Most Discriminated Against Group in Tech?
Should Tech Conferences Blacklist Speakers Based on Politics?
Microsoft is buying control of Linux
FreeBSD outlaws virtual hugs
Mozilla gives $100k to fund Antifa email
"Convincing a Linux guy to use FreeBSD" - Lunduke Hour - Feb 9, 2017


Lunduke Shadowbanned on Twitter!
Browservice brings modern web browsing to 1990s computers
The Only Code of Conduct that Matters
A CDE look-alike Desktop Environment?!
How to: Set up your own BBS Server on Linux
Features that would make Odysee even more radical
Parody: systemd announces new version that is totally not an entire Operating System wink wink
Odysee as a blogging platform?!?


The Python Job Interview...
The Non-Binary Programmer...
Creepy Things Linux Users Do...
The Difference Between Doctors and Computer Programmers...
The Big Lie Found in Every Software Release Note...
I'm giving up. Exiting Vim.
Programmers can't play Nintendo games...
Dropping programming truth... IN SPACE.
For SysAdmins, there are no problems.
The one about the hackers from Mexico...
Spaghetti Code IN SPACE
How all troubleshooting functionality is developed
The one about the hackers from Mexico...
If Arthur C. Clarke wrote about 32bit integers...
Replacing Human Workers with Artificial Intelligence
Mario & Luigi go to court...
If at first the code doesn't work...
Gentoo is not an Operating System
= != ==
Linux users set new World Record thanks to Bill Gates!
NASA rover, and Linux-powered drone, land on Mars
Is Free and Open Source Software similar to socialism?
A comic about self-determination
Do you program in C++ or something else?
The one about programmer brains...
The Code Review
Apple Store burglary
How did the programmer escape from prison?
A programmer was arrested...
How to wake up a sleepy SysAdmin / Dev
Why do PHP developers get paid more?
Count Dracula and C
The Wisdom of i and j
The Web Developer Gets a Raise
The one about UI toolkits
Behold! The Power of GW-BASIC!
The Unsigned, 8-Bit Genie
Poor Carl
Most Heroic Linux Process
How long does a loop last?
Munich and Linux
The Great UDP Joke
Knock, Knock

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