Where to find Lunduke


Think of Lunduke.Locals.com like Twitter. Without any of the bad parts. And filled with happy nerds talking about nerdy things.

  • Hang out with a happy, nerdy community.
  • Get Lunduke shows, articles, and comics the moment they are released.
  • No Trolls.
  • Support the work Lunduke does (free subscriptions also available).


Watch most of Lunduke's shows -- and read the comics -- on Odysee.

Think of Odysee like YouTube. Only open source. And decentralized. With a crypto currency tipping system. Also, not run by Big Tech.


Experience the golden age of BBSing! Complete with classic BBS Door games like LORD, TradeWars, The Pit, and more!

Grab your favorite telnet client (Lunduke recommends Syncterm or Netrunner) and connect to BBS.LUNDUKE.COM on port 23.

All Members of Lunduke.Locals.com get 24 hour, truly unlimited access.

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