2299 : Episode 1

2299 Episode 1: Retro Adventure Game… IN SPACE

Version: 1.0.5 — Downloads: [Linux] [Windows]

Price: Free.  Supported by donations.

Set in the universe of the fabled 2299 comic strip, “2299 : Episode 1” is an old-school, point and click adventure game with 8-bit inspired, retro graphics.

See that screenshot?  That’s this game!  You want to play it.  Super, duper bad.

Interesting Facts About 2299:

1) Available for Linux and Windows.

2) May, or may not, have guest appearances by ships that have names that may, or may not, rhyme with “Shmenterprise” and “Shmattlestar Shmalactica”.

3) Totally, completely free.  Supported by donations from badical gamers like yourself.

Just to recap:

Adventure game.  Based on an awesome comic strip.  Retro style pixel art.  Mac/Win/Linux.

The plot, in a nutshell:

You are a human brain that has been uploaded to a spaceship — which is really no big deal because everyone else is like that too.  Stuff happens, things get crazy, and you find yourself in an unknown part of space.  Now you need to, you know, find stuff.  And talk to… stuff.  And stuff.  But not just normal stuff.  AWESOME STUFF.

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