Linux Sucks: The Commentary Track

This is the commentary track for Linux Sucks!  Huzzah!

Ways to get it:

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  • Behind-the-scenes stories about the 2016 Linux Sucks
  • Anecdotes about some of the guests that appeared in that years show
    • Richard Stallman
    • Piers Anthony
    • Cory Doctorow
    • Red Hat CEO Jim Whitehurst.

Normally I release my videos for free. Not this one.

I’m treating this as a sort of fund-raiser for future live events — like the next Linux Sucks, taking place at LinuxFest in April of 2018. The money raised by this commentary goes directly towards camera and recording equipment upgrades and travel expenses.

If you want to help with those things — or you are simply a Linux Sucks mega fan — you can pitch in a few bucks and get your copy from Patreon or PayPal.

Both options are great. Both options help support the show. Patreon is a bit better for you (as it also gives you access to the other Patreon perks like the monthly Q&A), but everything helps and is awesome.

Thank you for your support — I hope you enjoy the commentary!