Limericks about the NSA.

It’s late.  I’m awake.  Limerick time.

The story of the old NSA.
Who kept a sharp eye on Tay Zonday.
Is filled with tigers.
And fires of tires.
But I won’t bore you now.  It’s cliche.

Huh.  NSA is rather easy to rhyme with.  I’m going to try another one.  (Seriously though… the NSA… they’ve gotta be monitoring Zonday.  That dude is up to something.  I can sense it.)

Oh, NSA!  Poor NSA!
Does nobody want to play?
That Zonday’s a jerk!
With his stupid smirk!
Didn’t invite you to his soiree!

Ah, man!  How did Zonday get in there again?  You stay out of this, Zonday!  These are the NSA’s limericks!  Okay.  Lets do this one more time.  With less Zonday.

A good Limerick should be risque.
Even when about the NSA.
So let’s throw in some boobies.
And a couple loose doobies.
Then some nude pictures of Tay Zonday.


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