“Linux is Badass” – The Book – Oct 31st

Last week I put the finishing touches on my new book, “Linux is Badass”.

And on October 31st (at noon, Pacific Time), you will be able to get your hands on it.

We all know that Linux is badass.  Now there’s a book to prove it.  Sure to convert even the most die-hard Windows or Mac users, “Linux is Badass” takes you on a magical journey filled with adventure, Linux and swear words.

This is not a “How-To” book.  Equal parts opinion, fact and, I kid you not, Choose Your Own Adventure — “Linux is Badass” defies categorization.  Unless there is a category called “badass”.  In which case it would be in that category.

Cost: $1.50 (that’s 150 cents, USD).

DRM: None.  Not a drop.  Because that would be lame.

Format: The digital version will be provided in PDF and EPUB formats.

Release Date: October 31st, 2013

Check back, right here, on release day to pick up your own digital copy.  Then, since it costs only a buck and a half, you can grab a second copy to gift to that Windows loving friend of yours that just won’t listen to reason.

Here’s a video of me announcing the book with a goat:

Curious what people (who have not yet read the book) are saying about “Linux is Badass”?  Of course you are!

“Linux is Badass, when printed in 12 point Courier is the perfect height to to stop my favourite coffee table wobbling.” – Adrian Evans

“Reading Linux is Badass has opened my eyes to the universe in a way that nothing else has since my first taste of black pudding. As a result of reading this book I have achieved holistic oneness with the cosmos. Linux is Badass purged the devils within me and opened my cerebral doorway to Zoroastra.

Bryan is love.” – Stuart Langridge

“Linux is Badass Has forever changed the way I look at post apocalyptic cyborg donkeys. A must read!” – Christopher Peterson

“100% RMS aproved!” – Thomas Liggett

“I haven’t read the book, but I really hope my quote makes it on to the back cover. Also, I think I’m out of cheese.” – William Kray

“Linux is Badass saved my marriage.” – Joel Dinel

“If there is only one book you buy this year, it should be one of mine. But if there’s 2 books you buy this year, go ahead and pick this one up. It’s probably pretty awesome.” – Benjamin Strozykowski

“Son of a Bitch!” – Mike Wolverton

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