Introducing: Arduino-Make-inator

We’ve got a new Open Source piece of software here at Arduino-Make-inator.

ArMi-1307-WindowsHave an Arduino board?  Want to program it without writing any code (or even needing to know what “C” looks like)?

That’s Arduino-Make-inator.

The basic idea is pretty simple (and crazy simple to learn):

Drag and drop some colorful blocks and link them up to tell your Arduino board what to do.

It’s freely available for Linux, Windows and Mac from the download page (where you can also find information on where to download the full Source Code).

Worth noting: Development of Arduino-Make-inator is, like all other software here at, made possible through donations and contributions from good folks just like you.  Please take a moment and consider contributing to the future of this awesome piece of software.  Every dollar helps.

Find some bugs?  This is the first release of Arduino-Make-inator.  There are bound to be a few here and there.  You can report them either on the GitHub page or over on the official G+ Community Page.

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