The “Lunduke Experimental Artificial Intelligence Terminal” is out

The Lunduke Experimental Artificial Intelligence Terminal (aka “L.E.A.I.T.”) is now available for download.

LEAIT2What is LEAIT?  It’s a game.  Kind of.  I think.

It is a terminal (that obeys the standard commands you are likely used to, CD, LS, DIR, etc.) that lets you browse your own local file system.

It is also an Artificial Intelligence engine named “Ruby”.  Ruby is generally good natured and loves bad jokes.

But then a virus begins to infect your files.  And Ruby begins to loose her mind.

The virus obeys specific rules.

  1. It can only move one directory at a time.
  2. It infects one file, then moves on to the next directory.
  3. It cannot move into directories that contain no files.
  4. There is no way to destroy it.  It must be quarantined.

LEAITIn order to keep Ruby from going totally insane, you must delete your own files.  System files. Pictures of your kids.  Your actual work documents.  (Don’t worry.  This is a game, after all.  You aren’t actually deleting files off your system.)

Is this a weird game?  Yes.  Yes it is.

It’s also a deceptively simple game with a lot of weird stuff hidden in the deepest parts of its twisted little mind.

This first version (which has the version number of “0.7.02.AlphaBravo”), can be downloaded from the Download Page and runs on Linux, Windows and MacOS X.

You can also purchase the game (to unlock everything) for 3 bucks.  Or even less if you buy it with some of my other games and apps.

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