Online Store Built Entirely in Illumination Software Creator

The Online Store here at is now built entirely in App-Make-inator.  Without writing a single drop of code.  (Drag and drop is glorious.)

LDStoreInISCAnd, to help out anyone else looking to do something similar, I am making the full project available for download.  Feel free to grab it and use it in any way you like.

[This tutorial was originally built with Illumination Software Creator — and has now been updated to work with App-Make-inator 13.05 or newer.]

The store is now highly flexible (making it easy for me to update it within Illumination at any time).  And it even has a few cool bells and whistles (such as the purchase total counting up and down whenever an item is selected or deselected).  Try clicking on the little 8-bit graphic of me for an extra little bonus.

Here is the end result (which you can also see on the Download/Store Page):

This project took me about, I’d say, 15 minutes.  Maybe 20 if you count time I spent playing around with the way discounts work.  Nice and easy.

Basically how it works is this:

  1. A timer block triggers logic that checks which purchase items have been checked and adds up the total.
  2. Any discount is then applied.
  3. The total is displayed.
  4. When the Buy button is clicked a URL is generated with all of the details and passed on to PayPal to process.

Pretty simple, really.

[Note : I’ve opted, in this case, to utilize the “Phone” target for the UI design and export.  The Web and Desktop targets have “desktop-like” movable windows.  And, since I just wanted to embed this into my store, I opted to use the “Phone” target (which doesn’t have movable windows).  Though it would work fine using any of the targets.]

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