DOS is the most popular computer gaming platform in the world.

Less than 2 weeks ago, I released a version of my game, “Linux Tycoon”, for DOS.

And, now that the initial buzz has died down, I’d like to share with you what the download percentages have been — over the last week — per platform (Linux Tycoon is available for Windows, Linux, Mac & DOS).

LTDLS[I’m not including stats from the first week after the DOS launch — because, during that week, downloads of the DOS version accounted for nearly 90% of all downloads.  And that would make for a very boring pie chart.]

You’ll note that the DOS version makes up nearly 40% of all downloads of Linux Tycoon.

If you combine Linux and DOS together — they account for nearly 70% of all downloads.

The Windows version holds its own fairly nicely (though falls just short of the Linux version) and the Mac version barely even registers on the radar.

So, what can we learn from this?  Honestly… not much.  Linux Tycoon is a pretty unique game with a pretty unique market.  But, if we put that aside and assume that these numbers would remain relatively constant across game genres… I’d say the following statements would hold relatively true.

  1. DOS is the most popular computer gaming platform in the world.
  2. Supporting DOS and Linux are key to success.  Every other platform provides diminishing returns.

Of course, that’s all a bit silly…


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