Video Tutorial: Build a “Choose Your Own Adventure” game

Want to build a Choose Your Own Adventure game?  Want it to run on Android, iOS and web… but don’t know where to start?

Fear not!  What follows is a short video tutorial — along with a sample project that you can utilize as a starting point — to do just that using Illumination Software Creator (which runs on Windows, Linux & Mac).

[This tutorial was originally built with Illumination Software Creator — and has now been updated to work with App-Make-inator 13.05 or newer.]

For this tutorial we’ll be creating a (very) short adventure game staring Wil Wheaton, Chris Pirillo and Nixie Pixel.  I call it “Stop following me, Wheaton!”.  Here is the finished game:

And here is the full video tutorial:

You can grab the full project here.  Illumination Software Creator can be downloaded here (trial version available, of course) and the latest Beta release (which was used for this tutorial) can be found here.

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