Build a “Whack-A-Lamarr” Game without writing code.


I present to you: “How to build a Whack-A-Mole game”.  Except, instead of a mole, let’s use tech reporter Lamarr Wilson.  “Whack-A-Lamarr”.  Just because.

And, of course, we’ll do it without writing any code.  And it will run on Android, iOS, Desktop and Web.  You’ll be able to whack Lamarr just about anywhere.  You’re welcome.

That screenshot up there?  That’s the entire project.  Dog simple.

When you’re done, here’s what the HTML5 version will look like:

Cool, right?

PSA: Bryan Lunduke does not endorse actual violence against Lamarr Wilson.  Please do not actually whack him.

The completed project file is here.

[This tutorial was originally built with Illumination Software Creator -- and has now been updated to work with App-Make-inator 13.05 or newer.]

Here’s the tutorial video where we walk through every single part of this project in just a few minutes.  (You can also check out some of the previous tutorials: Build a “Kirk vs Picard” app and a “Mobile Bacon Browser“.)

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