Build a “Bacon-(web)-Browser” for Android and iOS

baconbrowserLast week it was a video that showed you how to build a “Kirk vs Picard” app without writing any code.

Today we’ll be building a Mobile Bacon Browser.  Quite literally a web browser, for Android and iOS, that adds bacon to any web page you visit.

See that screenshot on the right?  That is the entire project.  Completely visual.  No “coding”.  Simple as heck to learn to do.  And this video walks you through from beginning to end.

You can download the complete project file here (though it is pretty doggone easy to make if you follow the video — even if you’ve never programmed software in your life).  And you can grab Illumination Software Creator from the Download Page.

[This tutorial was originally built with Illumination Software Creator — and has now been updated to work with App-Make-inator 13.05 or newer.]

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