Linux Tycoon for DOS… for Web… and for Android.

Linux Tycoon for DOS for WebThere are some definite benefits to having Linux Tycoon now run in DOS.  My favorite benefit being the ability to run Linux Tycoon… damned near anywhere.  Because, as a general rule, if there is electricity running to something… chances are it can run DOS.

First is Linux Tycoon running inside jsDOSBox (a JavaScript port of the DOS emulator, DOSBox) running inside Chromerunning on a Linux Desktop.

How cool is that?

This means that, at least in theory, you could run this on anything with a modern web browser.  Wicked, wicked sweet.

ltdosn7Next up is a pretty obvious one…

Linux Tycoon running inside DOSBox Turbo (a most excellent DOSBox port for Android) running on Android 4.2.2 on a Nexus 7.

And, what’s better, the button sizes work perfectly on a touchscreen device.  If it weren’t for the DOS-inspired look and feel… you’d almost mistake this for a native game.  Which is… just pure insanity.

Anyone else running Linux Tycoon in unexpected places?  Toss me pictures.  I’d love to see them.  Especially if anyone can get it running on a fridge.  That seems important.

For those not playing yet, you can grab the trial version of Linux Tycoon from the Download Page.

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