Changes to purchasing and downloading.

BryanMajor, major changes to the way purchasing and downloading are handled at

Over the last half-year-ish, downloads were handled via a single page.  Accessing that page was done via a “Pay What You Want” system.  That system worked… fairly well.  Not great / Not terrible.  But, most importantly, not as well as the old-school “shareware” style of purchasing/download that I used for the previous decade.

As of today, everything has been transitioned to a more tried-and-true system.  One that worked well for me for years and years (before I decided to try out some alternatives) — and will allow me to effectively fund further development and creation of the software and content.

  • All downloads are handled from a single page.
  • Purchasing of Illumination, Linux Tycoon, Game-Make-inator and the Road-Sign Hank comics are handled from this page as well.
  • Trial versions are available for all apps and games.
  • Everything now has a set price.
  • All episodes of “World of Linux” and “Mack Murphy, P.I.” are now freely available from the same download page.
  • Beta Releases of apps and games will be handled via individual posts here on

Everything remains licensed under the Greater Lunduke License (aka “The Bill & Ted License”).  Which is most excellent.

In short: More free content for you guys.  A well tested (and successful) system.  Plus the page looks nicer now.  So that’s pretty sweet.

To all of you awesome folks that have paid, under the old system, for access to the Download Page during Feb and March: You have been given full registration information to everything.  Because, as I said before, you’re awesome.  And I take care of my peeps.  Check the original Download Link for more information.

To all of you awesome folks that purchased Illumination Software Creator 5 upgrade licenses, you’re existing numbers will work like a charm.

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