Illumination Software Creator 5.0 Beta 9

Illumination Software Creator 5.0  has reached the glorious status of Beta 9!  And is available for Linux, Windows and Mac from the Download page.

ISC Portal BlocksYou may be asking yourself, what happened to Beta 8?  Beta 8 sucked.  So I made it better and jumped to Beta 9.

What’s new in Beta 9:

– Bug fixes, bug fixes, bug fixes.  Primarily on Android and HTML5 built apps.

At this point, I highly recommend everyone try their ISC 4.x projects with 5.0 Beta 9.  All features from 4.x should be 100% across all platforms.  Features new to 5.0 are also 100% for HTML5 and Android apps (with some work remaining on 5.0-only features for iOS, PyGTK and Flash).  Be sure to make a back-up copy of your project first… just in case (seriously, it should work like a charm, though).

Here’s a quick overview of some of the major changes that have been introduced over the course of the 5.0 Beta cycle:

New UI Editing– Two new UI controls: Listbox and Checkbox (along with blocks to use them).
– A Timer block that fires on an adjustable schedule.
– Window backgrounds can now have custom colors.
– Control UI layouts are now more flexible (control locking).
– Can now edit and set default values for Dictionary variables.
– Loads of speed improvements and bug fixes.

If you haven’t downloaded software from here recently, here’s how it works : You pay whatever you like (using fancy-pants sliders).  You then gain access to the download page.  From that download page you can download every single piece of software available from this website.  All completely free of DRM.

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