Linux Tycoon for DOS is here.

TinuxTycoonDOSAtLastLinux Tycoon, the game that invented the “Linux Distro Simulation and Management” genre (OK, OK… so it’s the only game in that genre in the entire universe), is now available for DOS.

That’s right.  Linux Tycoon.  For DOS.

Now, a sane person might be asking “Why build Linux Tycoon — or any game, for that matter — for DOS?”.

The answer is simple: Because it was there.  (Also the idea itself was so ridiculous that it made me smile.)

But, as it turns out, there is one quite excellent benefit:

Through the power of DOSBox (as well as QEMU, VirtualBox, etc.) you can now run Linux Tycoon on Android, iOS (jailbroken), OS/2, HaikuOS, Maemo, FreeBSD and a whole lot more.

ltdos2Here’s a few notes about this momentous moment in human history:

  • For the DOS version I went with the most “DOS Looking” visual style I could find.  Because… why not?
  • The DOS version is being used as a test-bed for new features and game-play ideas for the game.  Which means that it is both “the most cutting edge” (how many times do you hear a DOS app called “cutting edge”?) as well as, almost certainly, a bit buggier than the Linux, Windows or Mac native versions.
  • It is “Pay What You Like“.  Which is always nice.  Plus you get the Mac/Win/Linux versions with it (along with all my other software).
  • If Linux Tycoon were in a box, on a computer store shelf in 1988, the “System Requirements” would read as follows: “I don’t know.  Not a lot.  DOS, I guess.”
  • There is no DRM and Linux Tycoon requires no internet connection to play.  Let’s see the makers of the latest Sim City beat that.

Because this is one seriously momentous occasion, I made a video.  You can watch it over and over again while you download the 100kb zip file.  I won’t judge.

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