World of Linux. Season 1, Episode 2.

WoL_TitleBryan Lunduke’s World of Linux – Season 1, Episode 2
With Special Guest, Aaron Seigo.

Topics of the day:
– Linux based Phone/Tablet/Phablet/Tabone systems (KDE’s Plasma Active, Ubuntu for Phone/Tablet, FirefoxOS, Sailfish, Tizen).
– Why Qt and Plasma Active are awesome.
– Critique’s on Canonical’s approach to the mobile space.
– Why HTML5 is a bad choice for building mobile apps.
– Why Gopher is better than HTTP.
– And somehow… “Microsoft” and “Hitler” both came up. I don’t know why.

If you’d like to support the show, or download the MP3, MP4 and Ogg (audio or video) versions, check out the Download Page.  (As of the moment of this posting the files were still uploading, should be complete in the next few minutes.)

You can also catch the show on YouTube.  Or right here.  Lots of happy, pretty options.

[Note: The format of the show has been modified slightly to make the show easier to listen to in audio-only form.  Do you like it better this way?  Feedback welcome!]

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