Comments are dead to me because of Nazis.

Going to make this short and sweet.

I get a lot of Nazi hate mail.  That is not a joke.  Nor is it the result of Godwin’s Law.  Actual Nazi hate mail.

There are Nazis in this world; there seems to be a group of them that really don’t like me and my Jew-y-ness.  And, wouldn’t you know it, they love sending semi-anonymous emails and posting semi-anonymous comments here on my website.

And I am tired of deleting them.

So.  As of today, comments are completely disabled on all of  This way I don’t even need to see them.

Want to send me death threats or notes detailing the vast Jewish conspiracy?  You can do so via G+ or Twitter.

Side Note: Why do they bother taking the time to send me these?  What?  Am I going to see their 30 page diatribe on why all Jews should die and suddenly go “Oh yeah!  Now that makes sense!”?

Side Note 2: Why do they bother taking the time to send ME these?  Who do they think I am, the Jew Commander?

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