4 New Shows, Including : “World of Linux”.

Tired of only getting my pearls of wisdom (That’s what they’re called right?  It’s either that or “prairie oysters”… I can never remember which…) in written form?

Yearning for the days when I can invade the personal space of your eyes and ears – at the same time?

Well, then, this is your lucky day.

During the month of February, I will be unveiling 4 new shows.

Well… that’s not exactly true.  2 new shows and 2 old shows that are coming back… with a vengeance.  (I’m not really sure why I added the “vengeance” part.. just sounded good.)

“Bryan Lunduke’s World of Linux”

What: Two things you should know.  First – I love putting my name on things.  It’s like declaring “dibs” into the universe.  Second – This is a show for Linux users.  It is not, even remotely, the “Linux Action Show”.

Interviews and a few ha-ha’s during the first half of the episode.  Updates directly from the community for the second half of the show.  I have invited leaders and evangelists from some of the major communities to produce a (less than) 2 minute video each month to be played in the show.  Their opportunity to communicate whatever they want directly to the Linux-ers of the world.  Think of it like an audio-visual, internet brain dump of Linux info.  So far the results are looking awesome.  (If your project is not currently involved, just email me and I’ll get you the info you need.)

When: The first Tuesday of every month.  Beginning on February 5th.

“The Show Where Bryan Lunduke Talks to People.”

What: I have a chat show now.  Except instead of video, you have an 8-bit, slightly animated version of me.  And the guest(s) are portrayed by whatever I find amusing.

Also worth noting that I managed to shoehorn my name right into the title.  “Narcissism Master” achievement unlocked!

When: Whenever someone will talk to me.

“Mack Murphy, P.I.”

What: Long, long ago – during my Jupiter Broadcasting days — I wrote and recorded a pulp sci-fi-noir-mystery set in 1920’s Seattle.  I loved it.  But we decided to scrap it, after only 8 episodes, in order to focus on other shows that we felt had a better chance of bringing a larger audience (side note: they didn’t).  But, you know what?  I’m bringing it back.  This show is kick-ass and deserves some new episodes.  (When Jupiter Broadcasting and I split up — this is one of the shows I made sure to get in the divorce.)

When: Every other Tuesday.  Beginning on February 12th.

“Today in Retarded”

What: A long time ago — back in 2008 — I did a very short series of videos  under this title.  I got a kick out of it.  So I’m resurrecting  it.  Yes, I know some people find the word “retard” offensive.  Which, obviously, matters a lot to me.

When: Whenever something is retarded enough to make a retarded video about it.

All 4 shows will be completely free of any in-show advertisements — none at all — and available from my YouTube channel.  Big, HD versions (in multiple formats) will be downloadable from the Download page on Lunduke.com.  [That’s how I get to do away with the advertising.]

How to know when a new episode is out:

If you subscribe to the RSS feed here, you’ll get updates when each show is released as well.

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  • http://www.stroz.net Benjamin M. Strozykowski

    OMG! Mac Murphy! I am so freaking excited that I will use another exclamation point!

  • Doug jenkins

    The first episode of BLTTP should be about your little hard drive failure…and your successful recovery…which should inspire us all to be backup ninjas.

  • http://atariage.com RedBeardVII

    Yes! Now I’m excited. I have my evening viewing for Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday!

    Thanks, Bryan!


  • Fredo

    How long will each episode of “World of Linux” be?

  • https://plus.google.com/113286613251262577625 Ramsey

    I’m Definitely Looking Forward To This!!! Go Bryan!!

  • http://plasticrabbitmustdie.bandcamp.com 6

    thanks for the infos!

  • Derek

    So glad you’re coming back to our screens – can’t wait!

  • Kali

    Jupiter guys seem to be unhappy about it since they removed a note about it on the reddit :)
    Maybe because few guys mentioned that LAS become very boring without you

  • http://linuxnick.blogspot.com Nicholas Ganey

    “Today in Retarded” strikes me as sounding just as offensive as “Today in Faggotry” I know the idea you are trying to convey, do it with a different name.

  • http://www.lunduke.com Bryan

    Benjamin: I’m pretty excited about the return of Mack, myself. Started recording the new episodes a few weeks back… lots of fun.

    Fredo: The length of World of Linux will vary from month to month. A lot of it depends on the length of the video updates from the various projects. The first part of the show should run about 30 minutes on average.

    Kali: Not sure what’s up with the whole LAS sub-redit thing. I posted about it on G+. Thought it was a bit… funky that a story (that, to be clear, I did not post) about the guy who created LAS starting a new show would be removed by the moderators. Seems pretty on-topic to me. :) As for LAS itself… it’s just not my show any more. The show that Chris and Matt do now is still a very valuable resource for the community. It’s just not the type of show I want to be doing.

    Nicholas: Nah.

  • scanf


    Yeah, some time ago I submitted a proposal to get you back for the 2013 predictions. Chris removed it because he “didn’t have the energy for another circlejerk”. Bryan Lunduke is taboo in the Jupiter orbit.

    God you annoyed me when you were on LAS, but that’s who you were: the outrageous provocative guy who brought “action” to the show. And at least you knew what you were talking about. Matt’s incompetence is appalling and his attitude towards “all things not Ubuntu” even more irritating than your cockiness.

    The quality of the show has dropped drastically since you left. In the last three months the topics of discussion have been: ubuntu search, steam, ubuntu search, steam, steam on ubuntu…

    To wrap up, I’m looking forward to see you back on air! :)

  • http://slackbones.org q5sys

    All I ask is that you aren’t ‘Negative in the Freedom Dimension’ in your new show.

  • http://unixzen.com Alexander von Gluck


    I haven’t logged into twitter for a few weeks. As soon as I log into twitter… BAM! Mr Lunduke is making his own Linux show.

    I need to log into the twitters more. Looking forward to it! LAS has really gotten a little boring without you.

  • Alejandro

    Hooray Brian!

    I’ve been watching old episodes of LAS and now I only watch TechSnap which I think is one of the best podcasts around. We know that you are not involved anymore with JB but dude, we miss you

    keep it up!

  • JustPassing

    Sounds good’ish, but you really do need a foil – Abbot and Costello style – but someone who can take you down a peg or two. (Otherwise your head will explode and your zombie goats will go all Beans Corner Bingo on your derriere).

  • Jordan

    It will good to see you back on air!

  • Chris

    Well Mister Lündüke, hopefully your show(s) will bring back what LAS is missing now 😉

  • beanwl

    Welcome back Brian!!! Missed ya man

  • Adam

    Looking forward to seeing you online again! I think World of Linux will be great. A nice complement to LAS; not competition per say; I have more than enough time to watch both 😛

    Have to say though, I agree with the previous commenter that “Today in Retarded” isn’t the best choice for a name…

  • Chris

    @”Today in Retarded” haters

    You must be Americans 😉

    We are all mature and 99,9% of the World know that the show will have nothing to do with the kind of retarded you refer to.

  • Adam

    In addition to the G+, how about setting up a Facebook page?

  • mankou

    It’s a bit funny how the last LAS episode mentions the Linux Outlaws for this year’s LFNW when the word Lunduke is not mentioned once (Linux Sucks speech). Bryan, was the ‘divorce’ that bad?

    PS. looking forward to your new Linux show 😉 I hope it becomes a weekly show.

  • http://www.runekars.net Rune

    N.I.C.E. Bryan! It’s good to have you back on the screen again!

    LAS is just not the same now as it was before, not as “nerdy”. You know, your the one who made me try out XMonad, ArchLinux and start my on little BBS server. 😉

    Anyhow, I’m looking forward to this!

    Greetings from Norway! :)