Behold! The Game-Make-inator!

My name is the Game-Make-inator 1.0!  Look upon my works, ye Mighty, and despair!

… or at least make video games really, really easily.  Which, as it happens, is exactly the sort of thing you’d expect from something called “Game-Make-inator”.

There’s no programming involved either.  The Game-Make-inator allows you to, essentially, draw your video game.  Seriously.  You don’t need an ounce of programming experience in order to make video games.

Besides.  Programming video games is so 2012.  This is 20-freaking-13.  All games should be made with an “-inator”.

Here’s some quick bits of information to fill your hearts with wonder:

  1. Game-Make-inator runs on Windows, MacOS X and Linux.
  2. Your final games can be exported to run, standalone, on Windows, MacOS X and Linux.
  3. There is no DRM, of any kind, within the Game-Make-inator.
  4. You can use your own artwork… or go old-school and use colored blocks.
  5. Super duper easy to learn.
  6. You can pay any price you like for the Game-Make-inator.
  7. Comes with two simple example games to get you started: Maze and Adventure.

The 1.0 version of Game-Make-inator is now available from the Download Page.

The Game-Make-inator is under active development.  If there are features you’d like to see (new capabilities, new platforms, etc.), head on over to the official forum of power and leave your suggestions.  Have questions?  That’s the best place to ask.

Are you an existing BLABA (what the Game-Make-inator used to be called) user?  Here’s what’s new in 1.0:

– Because of the major architectural improvements over the earlier beta releases, old project files are no longer supported.  Current project files will be supported going forward.
– Support for multiple Levels per game (including a new “Go To Level” Action block).
– Major revamp to the user interface.
– Bug fixes for Exported games for all platforms.

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  • Corbin A.

    Awesome sauce!

  • AvatarContinuum

    Very nice :-)

  • Philip Heinser

    Nice and simple tool.