“BLABA” is now “Game-Make-inator”

I have two big news items to share with you guys today.


My visual game building tool “BLABA” has been renamed to be “Game-Make-inator”.   As fun as it is to say the phrase “BLABA”… “Game-Make-inator” is much more descriptive of what this awesome tool actually does.  Plus… it’s a cool name.


Game-Make-inator 1.0 will ship on Thursday.  I’ll have many more details with the official announcement.  But, in the mean-time, I will leave you with this screenshot to tide you over.

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  • Fredo

    Is this what that teaser thing was about?

  • http://burnsoftware.wordpress.com/ Zach


  • http://www.lunduke.com Bryan

    Fredo: No. This isn’t even remotely what the teaser video is for. :)

  • James Bozman

    You should have played along, Bryan…

  • Corbin A.

    hahahaha! Your the Doctor!

    (you didn’t reply to my spam )

  • palasso

    After noticing the TV link on the left going on the top and reading Bryan’s article: http://www.networkworld.com/community/blog/video-editing-linux-doesnt-have-be-terrible

    Hmmmm, I wonder what could it be…..

  • http://www.tablesoftheheart.com gabriel

    watch out Wario!! NINTENDO GAMES he we come 😉

  • Peter Capusotto

    I hope Doofenshmirtz will use the Game-Make-Inator in one of the upcoming Phineas and Ferb episodes. I can totally see it: “Behold, the Game-Make-Inator”.
    Does it come with a self-destruct button? Good luck Bryan with this.