Illumination Software Creator 5.0 Beta 6

The 6th Beta release of Illumination Software Creator 5.0 is now available — for Linux, Windows and MacOS X — from the Download page!

This Beta release focuses almost entirely on HTML5 related features.  If you use the HTML5 target, this one is worth taking for a spin (if you only use the Python, Android, Flash or iOS targets… then this Beta is pretty similar to Beta 5).

What’s new in 5.0 Beta 6:

  • The Timer Block now supports HTML5 (fire timer events every X milliseconds).
  • The ListBox control is now fully supported on HTML5 builds.
  • This includes HTML5 support for the following blocks: AddToListBox, ClearListBox and GetListBoxSelection.

If you haven’t downloaded software from here recently, here’s how it works : You pay whatever you like (using fancy-pants sliders).  You then gain access to the download page.  From that download page you can download every single piece of software available from this website.  All completely free of DRM.

Note : If you paid for download page access during the month of December, you still have access during January.  Because you guys are awesome.

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  • Raymii

    Awesome to see you continuing development with ICS, even after the licensing “experiment”