Me rambling over on Linux World / Network World

99% of what I do is best described as… words.

Not even necessarily good words.  Nor particularly fancy.  Certainly not well thought out.

On occasion I open my mouth.  Invariably this results in a steady stream of, what I affectionately refer to as, “word diarrhea”.  The same thing happens when I have a keyboard.  Out flows the word diarrhea… through… my fingers.

Which is weird.  Though I’m not sure what’s more weird.  Diarrhea, word or otherwise, probably shouldn’t be coming out of the mouth or fingers.

That said, here are a few articles I wrote recently for Linux World / Network World.  Enjoy.  Well… I say enjoy.

Canonical announces Ubuntu smartphone OS

The Mayans really predicted the release of E17

How removing 386 support in Linux will destroy the world

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