Holy Guacamole! The BBS is rocking!


I look away for one minute… and see what happens?

The House of Lunduke BBS has logged over 17 thousand calls — totaling over two hundred thousand minutes of active usage.

203,096 minutes of people being logged in, hands on the keyboard, and playing games.

Hold on.  Let me bust out the calculator.

That works out to 3,384 man-hours of BBSing.  Over 141 straight, continuous days of gaming.

Not too damned bad for a technology that died in the 1990’s.

Oh, and I reset the TradeWars 2002 game.  It was time.  There was a clear victor.  I’m not going to say your name, because you know who you are (and I’m still bitter that it was, most definitely, not me).  So if you haven’t been playing, now’s the time to jump in and get an early lead.

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