BBS Server got a big upgrade

Just a quick note for all you BBSers:

The House of Lunduke BBS is now running on a much beefier server.  (Complete with a grown up, big boy static IP address instead of the silly little dynamic dns address we had before.)

You can access the BBS via telnet at the same address ( or via the flash terminal on this page.

Oh.  And the new server is about a billion times faster (give or take) than the adorable little Netbook that used to run things.  Things are… peppier.

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  • Rajat Pandita

    Hey Bryan,
    I follow that Linux Action Show from India. I have been watching it for 2 years now.

    Now Since you are not on the show anymore I thought I should let you know that you are being missed badly.

    I wish you all the best in whatever you are pursuing at the moment and wish you could do a show in near future.

    I know this was not the right place to leave a comment like this. However I could not find another place.. May be I am a bit lazy !!