The Mid-November Half Price Source Code Sale

It’s a holiday week (here in the States).  And we, over in the Lunduke household, are in a very good mood.  So it’s time to have a random sale.

By “holiday week” I am, of course, referring to Mickey Mouse Day.

Here’s the deal:

Between now and Sunday, the 25th (the Sunday after Thanksgiving), you can purchase GPL or BSD licensed source code for half price.  This includes Illumination Software Creator, Linux Tycoon, BLABA, 2299 and the RB Dev Pack.

All of the software above was made with Realstudio.  Well.  Except for Illumination.  Which includes RB, Java, Python, JS, Objective-C and ActionScript code.  And all of it compiles cleanly, and runs like a champ, on Linux, MacOS X and Windows.

What we’re basically doing is selling the code that you could use to establish a complete, cross platform, software company — with some really awesome apps.  Why are we doing this?  Who knows.  Like we said.  We’re in a good mood.

Here are all the details.

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  • Fredo

    The 18th is the Sunday *before* thanksgiving.