Illumination Software Creator : THE BOOK

I am pleased to announce the immediate available of “Illumination Software Creator : THE BOOK“.

This is the definitive guide to all things relating to everyone’s favorite visual, “code-free” development tool for rapidly (and easily) building Android, iOS, Desktop and web applications.

“The Book” costs $15 dolars, as a digital download, and you can purchase via this link.

  • This is the definitive, official source of documentation and tutorials for Illumination Software Creator.
  • All sales go directly towards supporting further development.
  • Purchasing once gives you free access to all future revisions of “The Book” – as new versions of Illumination come out, “The Book” will be updated to cover the latest and greatest features.

Not a veteran computer programmer? ¬†Not to worry! ¬†Illumination is super easy to learn… and, because of that glorious fact, the book is super easy to read!

Ready to dive in to the wonderful world of building your own iOS, Android, Desktop and Web apps — or, perhaps you simply want to support Illumination (did I mention that Illumination itself is completely, 100% free)? ¬†There’s no time like the present.

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  • Brad Nickel

    Just purchased the book. Will you be sending links for download? Didn’t see anything in Paypal receipt.

  • Bryan

    Brad: You should receive the info in your inbox within just a few hours of purchasing. (If you don’t get an email from us within 12 hours, feel free to toss us a line and we’ll make sure you’re taken care of.)