License the source code!

Starting today, you can now license the source code for all of the software and games you see here.

The cross platform visual programming suite – Illumination Software Creator.

The visual game building tool – BLABA.

The Linux Distro simulation game – Linux Tycoon.

The space adventure game – 2299 : THE GAME.

The suite of Realstudio developer classes – RB Dev Pack.

All of them can be licensed under three different licenses: Personal use, GPL and BSD.

Want to add some new features for use within your company (or just for yourself)?  Want to create a new version and release it as open source?  Want to re-brand and sell a new version based on these projects?

Now you can.

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  • drnapster

    i like this idea better then just open sourcing everything

  • Brad Nickel

    I am interested in licensing the source code of ISC, but have no idea what it was written in. Do you have any documentation or notes on the source, etc?


  • Bryan

    Brad: ISC is really built with a missmash of languages due to its nature. The bulk of the code is RB with a whole slew of Obj-C, Java, Python, AS and JS. And a teensy bit of HTML and MXML. It’s all pretty modular… makes it easy to work on one target language/platform at a time.

  • Zach

    If BLABA was going to be 1.0 soon with working export and stuff, I’d be interested!

  • Bryan

    Zach: It’s always hard to put exact estimates on shipping projects. In the case of BLABA, it was decided early on that the big “1.0” release would be quality and feature driven… not date driven. That said, a new Beta version is around the corning with the first real version of functional game Exporting. How close it is to 1.0 is really hard to say, though. Kinda depends on how many bugs we find along the way. :)

  • Zach

    The next beta would reel me in too :-)

  • Brad Nickel

    I am having difficulty signing up in the forums. I am not getting the confirmation message and when I click the link to resend, I get the Bonk error message. Sorry to post here, but not sure where else to submit the issue.