Linux Tycoon 1.1 Beta 1! And it is FREE.

At long last, a brand-spanking-new version of Linux Tycoonthe worlds premier Linux Distro Simulation and Management Game — has arrived!

And… it’s totally free.  Free to download.  Free to play.  Free to share with others.   For Linux, Windows and Mac.

What’s new in 1.1 Beta 1:

  • Major updates “under the hood” to make gaining new users, fixing bugs, etc. in your Linux Distro all more “realistic”.
  • New events (both random and some triggered by specific scenarios)!  Some even include goats!  Huzzah!
  • Fixes to the Multi-player Beta (only a small handful of you have access at the moment).

Downloading is free.  Donations are highly welcomed (as they help to fund continued development).

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  • Christopher Patrick

    When will the rest of the people who signed up for online access be able to play online

  • drnapster

    when will the android version come out

  • claes comly

    Fun game! but so small window, cant it be bigger?.

  • Javafant

    First of all it’s great that you still work on Linux Tycoon. Now to my questions:
    – I applied as the second person in the forums to get access to the multiplayer beta and I still don’t got it. Why not and when will I be able to play multiplayer? I don’t care wether I can play on your server or get access to the server binary to deploy my one.
    – Where’s the Android port? You said you were nearly finished, but that was some months ago and since then you didn’t comment on this topic afaik.