Everything here is free.

All of the software, video games and comics on this website are now available for free.

Illumination Software Creator, Linux Tycoon, Road Sign Hank and the Aliens… the whole shebang.  Free.

This isn’t an experiment in funding Open Source Software.  This is a permanent change (at least as permanent as anything in this crazy, mixed up world) to the way I am distributing my software — brought about, in part, by significant changes in my life.

I will be accepting donations that will be used to fund continued development, design and support — including funding others to work on them.  There’s even a handy-dandy set of sliders that allow you to set how much you want to donate towards various types of projects (including support for the BBS).  Those donations are entirely voluntary.  There is no catch.

Links are on the individual project pages.  And on the side of this page.  Or you can just click here.

All are entirely viable options.

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  • http://linuxjournalist.blogspot.com Nicholas Ganey

    I love you bryan

  • http://clems-ramblings.tumblr.com/ Daniel Clem

    AWESOOOOME!!!!!!! I seriously felt betrayed (not by Bryan, but by the turn of events) when things were closed back up the last time. Perty Please say that the source will all be made available soon??

    I’m not a programmer. But whole heartedly believe in how having every single thing shared openly (not just software, but hardware designs, videos, music, books, ect) would vastly benefit our community as a whole. And vicariously, our economy as well. So I’ve made the leap to only use fully freedom based software. And trying to do my best on the hardware, music, and video side as well.

    God Bless you Bryan. In your work here, and your other endeavors.

    P.S. LAS in not LAS without Bryan. No offense to Chris, Matt or Allan. But the silly and clean humor is why I kept watching each and every episode, and watch all the previous episodes. But understandable that B man’s got new (and family supporting) things going on.

  • Demonslayer

    @Daniel Clem
    I do not believe that this time he is offering the source code up for his products, i believe his intention was for the moment only to offer up his software for free as in without purchase.

  • Javafant

    Hi Lunduke,
    first of all I think it’s great if you offer all you’re software for free. However if you plan do do this permanently I don’t understand the motivation for keeping the source code closed. I would be happy if you could explain to me why you still want to keep the source code closed or if you don’t have any reason just give the source code to the world like you already did for some days/weeks.

  • bob

    He is probably using other people’s code and can’t release it.

  • http://www.lunduke.com Bryan

    Re “Releasing Source Code”:

    This really should get a larger post with my thoughts, but here’s the gist:

    – I am a huge supporter of Open Source. Some of my software is *currently* available under the GPL. Some of it has had past releases under the GPL (which people are completely free to fork and modify).

    – I am *not* presently using other people’s code that prevents me from releasing or re-licensing the code for these projects.

    – Since Open Sourcing much of my software, nearly half a year ago, I have seen only 1 (one) patch from a person other than ourselves. And that patch was to fix a singular spelling error in 2299 : THE GAME.

    – Illumination Software Creator has seen *huge* feature improvements over the last few years (including support for an almost mind blowing number of new platforms) — in fact, Illumination has had more dramatic new features than any of the Open Source competitors (such as the Google/MIT App Inventor).

    To sum up: I see absolutely no direct benefit in Open Sourcing current builds of many of my applications. Might I release future builds under Open Source licenses? Absolutely! But, at the moment, there is zero benefit… and some pretty significant drawbacks (both in terms of maintenance and licensing constraints). I love Open Source. And whenever it makes sense, I embrace it.

  • Javafant

    The benefit is that it’s positiv in the freedom dimension =)

  • http://bjornsays.com BjornP

    A bold and beautiful move, Bryan.

    Thank you!

  • http://www.explogames.net ExploGames_Sean

    So just to ask what happened to LDE, I’ve been waiting to start a game with it, also will it apply to this change. Thanks, even if you don’t answer :).

  • http://www.softwareontheside.info ShaneQful

    What about LDE I remember paying for it in one of your bundles and it was never released

  • http://www.lunduke.com Bryan

    LDE is still on the way. Just not ready for public consumption yet.

    And, yes, LDE will be available for free just like ISC. That said, those that took part in the pre-order will be getting something extra (and, I think, quite cool) along with the LDE itself.

  • http://www.explogames.net Sean_ExploGames

    Awesome Bryan, any hints to what the LDE bonus is.

  • Andy

    Why should you open source it? Because you said you would.

    You wanted to know what the benefits to you were. I think doing it has more to do with doing something for all the people who donated to you during the open source thing and not about what you would get from it.

    Yes, when you pulled out because of $$$ reason as this was your livelihood, I think we all understood that. To be honest I think the open source thing failed because you were not really ready to do it and you sort of half did it and much slower then expected, with many missed deadlines, combine that with the fact that FLOSS people tend to be moody (Ducks for Cover) and you get failboat. But that is just my silly opinion on why it failed and all that stuff is debatable.

    Now that you have a good job and the $$$ is not so critical and unstable maybe you can open source these projects not because of any benefit you might receive but rather doing it thinking about what all those people who donated wanted.

    Remember, Be Excellent to one another 😛

  • http://It'sbeenabitquiethererecently... JustPassing

    How are the goats taking this move? (You do realize they would turn carnivorous at a moments notice if it met their needs – probably).

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