I have officially retired from the Linux Action Show

Roughly 6 years ago, I started the Linux Action Show with my good buddy, Chris Fisher.

And it has been an absolute blast to do.

This show is, very much, my baby (really, our baby).  The show has enabled me to meet some amazing people — and make some great friends.  It is not lost on me that I am where I am at today thanks, in large part, to the work we have done on the Linux Action Show.

As I leave the show… I can say with absolute certainty that it is, without a doubt, to highest quality show in the Linux and Open Source world.

But it is time for me to move on.

This was a difficult decision to come to — but it is clear to me to that it is the right one.  In fact, I no longer have any ownership of, or involvement with, the Jupiter Broadcasting network whatsoever.  [My 50% stake in the network is now controlled by Chris.]

So why did I make this decision?

It isn’t about money.  [I've never actually made any money from the Linux Action Show or Jupiter Broadcasting... I think the last time it resulted in revenue for me was maybe 2 or 3 years back to the tune of a hundred bucks.  For the entire year.  Heck, I think I've spent more money on gear alone than I ever made from the network.  But I didn't start this to make a billion dollars from ad revenue.]

And it isn’t about time.  [Though that would be a pretty reasonable reason.  Over the years, thousands of hours have been invested into the show and the network.  And freeing up that time for other projects is certainly logical.]

And it isn’t because me and Chris are mortal enemies.  [Quite the opposite.  Hell.  The man was one of the groomsmen in my wedding.  He's my bud.  And that's all there is to that.]

No.  The real reason is much simpler than any of that: It’s just time.

When we created the show, it was because we wanted to see a show like it — and nobody was making it.

Now it’s time to do something else.

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  • Quentin

    Without you, the show isn’t quite worth watching for me. ;(
    Chris is a very great host, but without you, it’s just not the same.

    I hope you have lots of reunions and maybe make your own podcast? Even if it was just you in an audio-only version, once a month, I’d listen to it!

    I’m sure you’ll enjoy not having to promote godaddy anymore. :D

  • Hankster

    Hmmm love the show, but now not so much. I really hope history repeats itself ! :)

  • http://open-source--construction.blogspot.com/ Kevin James Lausen

    I am obviously like most sad 2 hear this news, although I am hardly shocked. This Season of LAS you were only on 1/2 of the time. I reserve the right to be wrong, but for me that is why I started becoming jaded. My roommate and I are dirt arse poo_(washing laundry by hand poo_). We bought ur software on rare occasions I did get work(not b/c we could afford the sacrifices, but 2 help support free software, and Internet broadcasting. I also used much of my spare time/effort on-line 2 promote you && the show(this makes me feel like my time was wasted, although it was probably just not the right time(possibly YET) 4 indie devs open-sourced on Linux. Maybe after Linux gaming gets ripped away from M$, and Linux has prime market share….:?
    4 the record: I will still continue watching/promoting jupiter~!!! Although my plans to someday go through from season one of LAS are gone…:/

  • Scott LaVigne

    You gave the show the perspective of the most integral member of the linux community: the linux software developer. I decided to become a developer in college because of you and this show. I know it sounds cheesy, but you are a personal hero of mine, and I do hope you continue to kick proverbial butt in whatever big thing comes next.

  • Mollusk

    Yeah it’s about that time Bryan. Time for me to find another show. Christ Bryan, why don’t you just ask us to prepare content for you? Do I have to seriously go on kickstarter and raise money just so you’ll stay another year? I’ll do it and people will donate so don’t think it’s over. This isn’t over Bryan…

    P.S. Everyone! Please send this man some damn money. Don’t chicken out either. Goodnight

  • Mollusk

    Oh, and for the record. I don’t like breakups through text. Be a man and do a farewell show. Just sayin….

  • Stefan

    Sad but true: A negative impact in the entertainment dimension.

  • Unpronounceable

    I just want to wish all the best to B-Man. It would be nice to do a farewell show. You can’t just move on without a farewell “party”!

  • http://www.photofiltre-lx.org/ Dylan

    Best of luck in whatever you decide to do in the future!

    Sad to see you go… but at the end of the day its your life and you decide what path to take. :)

  • Humanoid

    Thanks for all the past shows and good luck for the future!

  • Trond

    You were the negative in the boring dimension part of LAS, the part that probably will not be replaced.
    Good luck!
    Regards from Norway.

  • Maury

    Fond memories of watching your antics LAS and Beer Is Tasty (I don’t even drink beer). Many times I was laughing so hard I was in tears. Now, it’s just tears. :(…

  • http://taksuyama.com Tak

    In expressing how sad I was to see you leave the LAS, I forgot to thank you for all the years of LAS production. I made a small donation on your paypal account as a token of my thanks. I just wanted to mention it because the money wasn’t for any of your great software, but for your contribution to the LAS.
    I encourage others to do the same too to express our gratitude for his contributions. (and I’m secretly hoping Bryan might change his mind or something too)

  • Bison


  • Chris S.

    Is this, what, the 3rd time you quit the show, Bryan, or the fourth? ;)

  • coriolis

    I actually cried “NOOOOOOOOOO!!!” in a crowded room when I heard Chris say that you were retiring from the show. Serious. I was sad. People were weirded out by me.

    Best of luck with your new/old projects!

  • suli8

    i’m sad B man.

    the show will never be the same. who is gonna do the intro.. ?
    the chemistry between you and chris made the show so special and funny.

    R u sure? c’mooon. it’s 2 hours a week…. :(

  • Primefalcon

    Suli this is kinda the second time he’s quit…. I doubt he really wanted to come back…. lost his creative juices due to the show being pirated lol

  • http://www.lunduke.com Bryan

    A big thanks for all the kind words, everyone. Makes a man feel all warm and squishy inside.

    Chris S. & Primefalcon : I’ve never quit the show before. :) I *did* take a short sabbatical in 2011. But that was a temporary thing.

  • nd

    Good luck B-Man…. It was your personal style of humor and wit that hooked me into LAS. I will miss it — keep us informed of any video appearances you may make for the Linux community (ex: “why linux sucks”)… Never give up! never surrender!

  • Dave

    Loved your contribution to the show. But I have to respectfully disagree with some who have posted here. I will continue to watch the show in whatever format Jupiter Broadcasting chooses to present it because has been, and I believe, will continue to be, one of the best Linux podcasts on the web. You will be missed B-Man. But the show must go on.

  • Primefalcon

    @Bryan yeah but quiting so soon after the sabbatical kinda shows your heart isn’t in it anymore…. for whatever reason…

    I am not criticizing you… I m sure you’ll go on to do plenty more great things. and so will LAS….

    Anyhow your still on my rss feed and I look forward to whatever you do in the future

  • Dragan Sahpaski

    Sorry to hear you go Brian.

    Please consider coming back when you have the opportunity.

    Regards from Macedonia.

  • Joshua Helms

    Hey Bryan, I gotta say this is a very sad day for me I am a software engineering student and you are the one who peeked my interest in open source development after seeing you on LAS. I would watch you on LAS and think to myself “man…I wanna be like that man one day” don’t get me wrong I still do haha and by no means will I stop following your work but again it is a very sad thing to watch you leave the show. So I will wish you luck in all of your future endeavors and project good luck B-man!!!

  • Dave J

    I say we start a Kickstarter to get Bryan back on LAS… :P

    Gonna miss you, man. LAS was the ONLY podcast I watched. You and Chris actually made Linux interesting and fun.

    I know not everyone can do the same thing over and over, year after year. Everyone needs a break. Maybe after some time away, you could come back on the show every now and then?

  • Maxwell

    Please please please start up a audio podcast of you just rambling about stuff (that would be hilarious!!)… it works for Adam Carolla!

    good luck in whatever you decide to do!

  • Harm

    Real shame to see u go Bman, but a mans gotta do what he has to do. LAS won’t be the same without u, but u know that. I do hope ur considering a farewell show, a lot of fans or hoping for that I’m sure. And it’s the least u deserve for bringing all these years of joy 2 our lives. Never saw the shows live, due to the time differences, but id watch your farewell show, no matter what time.
    All the best 2 u, but u will be missed, in the Linux Action Show.

  • Chris

    BTW, i bought some of your products (under another mail address). I became aware of your Products through LAS. So, are you sure you want quit on LAS-Marketing? ;)

  • Steven

    If anyone has watched this show for any amount of time, this announcement shouldn’t have been a shock. I wish you the best, and I hope you gain the ability to focus on your future endeavors to bring you lots of success. Your pragmatic and honest analysis will be missed. You had such a talent for cutting through the zealotry.

    Not to mention you really have a great sense of humor

    Good Luck! Wish the best to you and your family.

  • Steve Case

    Hate to see you go, but hope things work out in the time-dimension. Please consider coming back and doing a few spots on LAS or maybe on Coder Radio in the future.

    While your spots on LAS were funny and humorous, we newbs with less than 5 years of experience, were able to gain insight into the linux universe in a meaningful and enlightening way.

    Thanks for everything!

  • Good luck!

    Best of luck, sir. It won’t be the Linux Action Show without you.

    I’ll miss your epic intros…


    There’s no way Chris can fill your shoes..

  • http://www.adamtscohen.com Adam

    I’m sorry to see you leave LAS Bryan, it’s been one of the only podcast/vidcasts I’ve regularly watched for about the last 3 or 4 years, and always found your wit hilarious.

    Good luck on your new projects!

    Do you think you’ll be completely retiring from video-making, or do you think you might make some more independent vids from time to time on your youtube channel (BryanLunduke) ?

  • Eddie

    Good luck with your time and endeavors in the future Bryan!

  • http://michaeltunnell.com Michael Tunnell

    “And it isn’t about time.” … “The real reason is much simpler than any of that: It’s just time.” – sense, you no make. (I know what you mean, just time to hang it up not about the time involved…but you can see how the wording was weird.)

    Every time Bryan was not on LAS I looked at LAS as a chore to watch.

    I saw LAS as a fun show for linux nerds. It had all the technical stuff I want but also the fun feel with the banter between Chris and Bryan.

    Allan is a great guy and his experiences work great for TechSNAP but he does not have much charisma and at times can be very dull.

    Matt is also great in general and his HowTos can be very helpful for all levels…he actually taught me something so that was cool…but as a show host, he is basically a “Yes Man”…and he repeats the same stuff over and over…makes me want to throw my android. “Really? wow…that’s cool” I don’t mind it the first 30 times but after that, holy crap!

    So Bryan I think you are essentially breaking the LAS we know and love…it is going to be very hard to replace you as finding someone who is compatible with Chris but also very different and opinionated isn’t an easy task.

    You are now negative in the LAS dimension.

    Hope you enjoy your new projects and best of luck in your future endeavours.

  • Yamir Raju

    This has been the saddest news I have heard all year it even tops my break up. I would wake up every sunday early and drag myself out of bed just to make sure I can see the latest show or go back to bed if you wasn’t on that particular eppisode. Back when I first started watching the LAS I became instantly hooked cause of your goofy attitude. I can say no one can replace ya, I like Matt and Chris but without you the show is super dry now and has utterly lost all appeal to me, I just read the Reddit everyday and thats it. I hope ya find whatever it is that your wanting to do in the future, just don’t disappear completly from the face of the Earth because if you do then the Bryan that everyone knew and loved would be dead :-(

  • Roger

    Bryan, I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all that you and Chris have done over the years for Linux and the Linux community!

    I completely agree with your conclusion – it’s time.

    The state of Linux isn’t the same today as it was when you and Chris started LAS back in the days. I therefor completely agree with everyone above that states that the show evolved into something else, where the chemestry between the co-hosts became the show itself. It was certainly entertaining, but I agree it’s time to eighter take it a step forward or step aside. Much like the state of Linux isn’t the same anymore, the same thing probably can be said about the LAS viewers. I for one must admit I sometimes felt – oh no, not another distro review… There’s alot of distro review channels on YouTube, but only one show would ever think of reviewed XMonad! I loved that show!

    The discussion you and Chris had a couple of weeks ago that you, and most of your viewers, aren’t the users beeing targeted by distros (anymore) was a true rude awakening moment for me, because neighter am I. It certainly is time for me to spend more time on other things than trying out and discussing if KDE 4.9 is that much better than 4.8 and so on. I don’t care anymore… Let the users that are passionate about that argue about that, because I don’t care if I run the best distro with the best desktop manager, because all that really matters is what is best for me. The show I need now, if any, is the one that helps me make the most of my installation without having to change distro – and Fedora porting Unity shows us that anything is possible – and I really hope that’s the path LAS will take in the future. Matt’s how to guides might be a first step towards that, just like the LAS and TechSNAP crossovers during your sabbatical. I look forward to see what LAS becomes when Matt gets a little bit more comfortable with the not so easy task of filling your shoes.

    Six years is a LONG time, and in that time I’ve gone from being somewhat of a newb into a poweruser myself who honestly lately disagreed with you and Chris more often than I agreed with you, but that’s okay. That’s what freedom is all about!

    There is no way I would have become the Linux user I am today if it wasn’t for LAS. There is no way I ever can thank you and Chris enough for that, so taking time and writing these words will sadly have to do.

    Good luck in the future!

  • Pandora

    Hi Bryan I only found out today that you had retired am sad to hear that since the chemistry between you and Chris is just priceless, My personal reason for enjoying you being on the show is that like me you see the world differently to everyone else and sometimes just ask why?….. Also I share your sense of humor hehe.

    If I met you in real life and maybe I will some day I think we would get on great and build a good friendship. To me your like the Spock or Data of Linux full of great wisdom to share and because of you I have learned quite a bit about Linux and because of the show as a whole I have learned loads bout Ubunto too lol.

    I however understand your reasoning for moving onto new pastures change can be good and I know you have lots of your own personal projects and of course your family which is also important not including your goats too :).

    I wish you all the best for the future and your endeavors I hope that you will still do some podcasting again at some stage for net is just not the same without you having something to say :).

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  • leftus maximus

    This is total lame. My girlfriend is giving me freht about my grief about my boring nerd shows again since you left. She let me slide on Las because she thinks you are funny……

  • LebigAnon

    Hey Bryan!
    A couple of years ago, i went through very dark times. I was out of a job, broke and had health issues. I was quite tempted to take a discreet exit from this world.
    Then i discovered you and Chris, two dudes hanging out on the interwebs being awesome! The show radiated so much fun and nerdiness, well, it just made me happy. It changed the outlook i had on life, and gave me the energy i needed to put my life back on track.
    Linux Action Show saved my life.

    Thanks man, and good luck for all your projects.

  • Mike

    I know this is way late but without you the show is pretty crappy to be honest.

    Chris is a good guy but he is just not that knowledgeable about some things which wouldnt be a problem but he also has no problem rambling on about something he knows nothing about as if he did.

    On top of that he cant review to save his life. Subjective is just not in his vocabulary. I cant recall a single time he ever reviewed anything and didnt go way out of his way to absolutely love it.

    You balanced the show. You didnt speak on a subject unless you actually knew what you where talking about, when reviewing you tried to be subjective and look at things from different angles.

  • Class–

    Bryan I HATE YOU!!!!! but in a loving way :)
    I have been waiting to see you coming back on LAS, after watching the latest show today I thought it was time to find out what mad virus/flu you must have contracted to be away for so long. Unfortunately for me I find this post which is just heartbreaking to read. Obviously I have missed everything that lead up to this and I’m getting confused by all the comments about ‘negative feelings’.
    I dont even know what to type as I never do these things but I feel I had to let you know that you will be missed and I, like everyone else, will be intrested in your future endeavours and wish you all the best. Until then I’ll just continue to call you a B*****d for leaving ME!!!!! :)

  • Shane Moore

    I haven’t been able to find the same joy in watching the show since. No offense to Matt, hes a great guy but he doesn’t have the same energy and dynamic that you and chris have.

    If LAS was Batman and Robin.
    You would be Dick Grayson and Matt would be Jason Todd.
    Its just not the same.

    I hope you’ll do some guest appearances or come back to it in the future.

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  • Sid

    Come back, damn it!

    Now that’s out of my system, I want to thank you for all the entertainment and knowledge you brought to LAS. It sucks now that you’ve left and your podcast legacy is being tarnished by a less than ideal replacement.

    Best of luck for the future.

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  • http://pinguyos.com/ pinguy

    So reading between the lines. You basically never got any of the money Chris Fisher made from the show from sponsors. That’s a bit of a d**k move on Chris part as most people watched the show because of you.

    But seriously, only hundred bucks for 3 years work.

  • Dhiego Gustavo Rodrigues Silva

    You are amazing, was great with LAS, and also I was watching “why linux sucks 2012″ and “why linux doesnt suck”, its hard to deal with great minds such as the “fedora guy” and in the end was a great opening mind video.

    keep the youtube channel rich with ideas and your work!!

    best regards.

  • Hex DSL

    i know this post is from a while back but as some one who has watched LAS for a while the show benefited from your well thought out and amusingly delivered points of view. its still a great show but there are not many opposing stances taken in recent time.,

    Keep up the good work.

  • Anthony Parr

    Best show ever! I know this post is old, but having watched and listened to every episode I thought I would wold just say that it made a difference in my life. Thanks! Now back get back to writing, I need books to buy!