Introducing the Lunduke Development Environment

I have an affinity for finding easier, and better, ways of building software.

I have built a visual app building tool [Illumination Software Creator] and a visual game building tool [BLABA].

But what about those scenario’s where you want to sit down and type some code that runs on almost every platform on the planet?

Well, I’ve created something to make that better too.

I present to you: “The Lunduke Development Environment”.

What It Is

The Lunduke Development Environment (or “LDE”) is a straight-forward development environment, complete with a robust code editor (with optional, and customizable, auto-complete and syntax highlighting) and a WYSIWYG user interface designer that users of Illumination Software Creator will feel right at home with.

The LDE allows you to target the following platforms with no changes to the code or project:

  1. HTML5/JavaScript web apps.
  2. Python/GTK desktop apps.
  3. Flash Actionscript/Flex web apps.
  4. Android Java apps.
  5. iOS Objective-C apps.
  6. FreeBASIC apps.
  7. C/ncurses apps.
  8. C++/QT apps.
  9. C/Nintendo DS Homebrew apps.

You read that right.  The same code produces an HTML5 web app, an Android app and a Nintendo DS app.

Crazy, right?

How It Works

The Lunduke Development Environment is a full IDE that utilizes the Lunduke SDK (which will be released, in Open Source form, along-side the final release of the LDE).

The Lunduke SDK takes a project written in the “Lunduke” language — which is an easy to read programming language that takes some inspiration from Smalltalk, BASIC and Python — and exports it as raw source code for the desired target platform (such as iOS/Objective-C or QT/C++).  You can then build that source code using the toolchain of your choosing (such as XCode for iOS applications).

This means that not only can you target a wide range of platforms… but you do so using the native programming language for that platform — the LDE utilizes no virtual machines or run-time environments.

[And, to answer your question… Yes.  I named the language and SDK after myself.  How many times does a guy get a chance to name a programming language after himself?]


The Lunduke Development Environment will begin Beta testing next Friday (July 27th) for Linux, Windows and MacOS X.

Final price will be $49.95, but you can save some cash-ola by pre-ordering (It’s technically a pre-order… but Beta ships in 7 days… so it’s not like one of those pre-orders where you wait until next March) now for $25.  If you’d also like to get my other development tools (Illumination and BLABA) you can pick them all up in a bundle for a pretty hefty discount at my Online Store.


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  • Jesse

    I love you.

  • Thomas

    That’s what I need!

  • raymii

    Awesome!!!!! Looking forward to it! Any plans to bring ,the Ncurses to ISC?

  • Tom

    Those icons are GPL. I hope you’re not going to bundle them with proprietary software Bryan. That would be rather negative in the freedom dimension.

  • C_CliFF

    Does it have auto-formatting? In ISC you need to make the formatting manually.

  • Nekryu

    I cannot wait until it is released so I can try it. Quick question though, I don’t like Python (or any soft-typed language) so I use Vala with Gtk+. Will LDE support Vala as there are very few editors that do.

  • Zach

    Nekryu, it looks like this will just be for use with the Lunduke SDK.

    By the way, what IDE do you use for Vala?

  • ShaneQful

    I don’t mean to be mean but why would someone use this over a text editor like kate and the open source Lunduke SDK ? I was given to under stand something like this would be build in to illumination (which I thought would be really cool) but as a stand alone programming language without the quicker development time provided by illumination why would I use this ?

  • n3wu53r

    Why would you use an IDE when you have a text editor?
    The same reason for this.

  • Shaneqful

    @n3wu53r Plenty of reasons :
    A plugin infrastructure
    Syntax Highlighting
    Built in version control
    Build Configuration(Without scripts or make files)
    Etc ..

    I’m just wondering what IDE like features this has that would make me buy it. I probably will anyway just to support the Lunduke SDK, if I like it but is there a compelling reason to step away from Kate(An awesome text editor) and the command line compiler for this ? I mainly ask because I don’t see syntax highlighting which would be difficult since Bryan doesn’t have a formal grammar for the language and from what I know his compiler is structured more like a traditional assembler than a compiler.

  • Zach

    Well, the post does say it has an interface designer like Illumination has. So that’d be a big reason for many, I’m sure.

  • Bryan

    ShaneQful: No worries! It’s a valid question!

    Here are some of the key reasons why I think the LDE is valuable (over using a text editor such as Gedit or Kate):

    1) A nice, visual GUI designer that is tied in tightly with the project (making it easy to make changes).
    2) Quick and easy build shortcuts for all of the various platform targets.
    3) Syntax highlighting, code folding and a workflow designed around the Lunduke language.

    In my mind, just the 1st item alone makes the LDE worth while.

  • Bryan

    Tom: Nope. Those icons are definitely available for use in non-GPL’d applications.

  • C_CliFF

    Could you please upload some more screenshots of it?
    Also, another question, I pre-order it, will the register code come the day of the release or before?

  • Tofi

    ISC 5.0 had to be Lunduke GUI IDE, and now we have ISC without lunduke, and lunduke without anything but name for programming language. I’m not buying it.

  • Keith Myers

    I was wondering the status of the beta

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  • ShaneQful

    July 27th ?