Working On Inkscape : The Goals

The first project to be worked on in the “Bryan giving some attention to Open Source projects that weren’t created by him” series is… Inkscape.

I love Inkscape.

I created the artwork for Road-Sign Hank in Inkscape.

The Linux Action Show logo?  Created that in Inkscape.

Over the years, this has become one of my most trusted and valuable tools.  And to have the opportunity to make it a little better — and leave my mark — puts a big, old stupid grin on my face.

These are the three areas I will be focusing on:

Templated Objects – A simple, consistent system and UI for creating objects with variable parameters (ex: “A button where the text is variable”).

Nine-Slice Scaling – Support for using nine-slice scaling when importing bitmap objects (thus allowing the ability to scale different portions of the bitmap differently).

Improved Styling – An improved Style Editor with the ability to import/export as CSS.

I am trying to keep things focused.  There are many, many cool features that could be added to or modified within Inkscape.  But, in the interest of hitting some specific goals, I’m keeping my work focused on those three areas.

Over the next two weeks I will be working with members of the community (including a few of you that I already know will be looking to lend a hand) to spec out the details of what these will look like.  [We’ll also be working with the Inkscape crew to make sure that we’re working on these in such a way that they feel it would be beneficial to Inkscape over-all… and that we aren’t stepping on anyone’s toes.]

For the moment, coordination of these efforts will be happening in an Inkscape sub-forum I have created here.  If you have thoughts on the three feature areas above, feel free to post them there.  As this moves forward we can improve the organization a bit.

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  • Joe


  • 7h3kk1d

    This is awesome Bryan I think I’m going to look for Open Source projects to help now too.

  • Notsonoble

    Are you actually working with inkscape’s dev team?

  • Bman

    I thought 9-slice scaling was for vectors too.

  • Darrell

    I like Inkscape too, but I think you should be focused like a laser on getting Illumination off the ground with the community.

  • Alexandre

    Is there a reason you are not discussing it in our official mailing list for developers? :)

  • Bryan

    Alexandre: Because I’m trying to snub you guys. :)

    Really I just wasn’t ready yet. I didn’t want to flood your mailing list with what I’m looking at working on and waste all of your time before things were a bit better fleshed out.

    I’ve been talking with Ted and Josh about this (and they’ve been awesome, btw) and refining the details. I’ll be hoping on the dev list in the next week and looping in the rest of you crazy guys. :)