Linux Tycoon – Now Available For Free

That’s right.  The premier Linux Distro Building Simulation Game in the universe… is now available for free.

Yesterday, we hit our goal of bringing in enough donations to support full time, Open Source development of all of the software you see on

Starting today I am Open Sourcing (under the GPL) of all of my software.

Step 1: Releasing Linux Tycoon (for Linux, Windows and Mac) to the world for free.

You can grab the installers from here and start playing right now.

Full, GPL licensed, source code will also be supplied as soon as I get source control hosting and project tracking tools set up (for those who would like to be a part of that process, keep an eye on later today).

On an only slightly related note: I’m not a big fan of asking for donations, pledge drives and the like.  I find that stuff pretty boring.  So here’s how I’ve decided to handle the whole “remind people that full time development is funded completely by contributions” thing — I’m going to write haiku’s.

Linux Tycoon free
Donations made possible
You guys rock so much

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  • flipdroid

    Still waiting for android an ios versions

  • Naturality

    I still don’t understand why it has to be free just because it’s ‘free’.

    Is this just some “the term ‘free’ already hasa meaning” thing?

  • Naturality

    has a*

  • Bryan

    flipdroid: The Android version is ready to go out and will be included in the initial code-drop. The iOS version’s code will be available then as well, but we’ll have to wait on approval from Apple before it shows up in the App Store.

  • Jonathan Dixon

    I am so glad this worked out an when I am better off I willl definitely throw money at you lol :D

  • Theredbaron

    Where’s the rpm? And here I was thinking rpm’s were part of Linux Standard Base, and you go and send that out the windows.


  • iamoverrated

    Congrats! Good luck and I wish you all the success in the world!

  • nathangnu

    Will you be making another post once it’s officially free software? Also, please make an option so I can pay for it.

  • Bryan

    nathangnu: Not sure I follow. Linux Tycoon is licensed under the GPL. It doesn’t really get much freer. The source will even be available shortly. Also… you don’t need to pay for it. It’s free. You can certainly contribute if you like, though!

  • Primefalcon

    One question Bryan (I don’t mean to be a poop head here but just asking), what will you do if this doesn’t work out monetarily? you have kind of jumped all in on this?

  • ted

    How do i win? up to 200,000 users, and oboontoo has 132,000,
    do i just keep going until everyone in the world uses my linux?
    Or until the app. crashes from some overflow exception? :)

  • Primefalcon

    @ted lol I just clocked obootoo myself and then cut back off everything except UCDE and still kept going up!

  • kruug

    No 64-bit non-Ubuntu Linux support?

  • Weird_tr

    Keep up the good opensourcing bro!

    One thing, after trying to install Linux tycoon, my whole package system in Ubuntu 12.04 broke :s I need to reinstall I think :(

  • Andreas

    Hi, I just want to known when we an exect Linux Tycoon Online hitting the Apple AppStore ?
    Thx, Cromwell
    BTW Maybe you should open an upcoming-game-thread :)

  • Andreas

    I wanted to write “can” and “expect” :)

  • Kreidos

    No longer free? Otherwise there aren’t any download links shown on the game’s page.

  • Rob

    “I have not read the content on this site, but I have a belligerent opinion anyway.” -Rob [Synopsis by Bryan]

  • Lucrix

    Great game idea Bryan!
    I’m waiting 2.0 version with more features :)

    If you will continue to develop this game, here some ideas:
    - instead gave paid workers, put “monthly donates” and with this money, the player can: hire some specialists on app developing, designing, networking etc. OR invest money in marketing (monthly or at releasing new version)
    - volunteers should have some abilities and work on packages that are knowing what to do, not be just “volunteers”
    - put several packages at first, but after months appear new packages. Or accept some packages in distro only if are hired X specialists.
    - some packages can disappear for low usage or incompatibility with new technologies.
    - do some researches with volunteers or specialists (quickly wit specialists) to can include next versions of software in the distro.
    - adapting at technologies: in version 1.0 the users are still disappoint if the distro not fit in a CD, even they are in 2035. I’m thinking if in 2035 somebody will hear about CD. Or will be how is Floppy today… only on grandparents computers.
    - put some win conditions.

    Hope that the ideas are useful :)

    Have a nice day,

  • `3

    You claim this is now available free and then require payment on the download page. I find it humorous that you would charge money for a game about building a distro for an OS that itself is free.

  • Tanner

    Game still asks me to buy it?

  • Snoer

    Waring; game is not free and will ask for payment in-game

  • Bryan Lunduke

    Lol. You guys need to read more current news. :) This post is from over a year and a half ago. Linux Tycoon is Open Source (GPL) and Shareware.

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