Illumination Software Creator has been set Free.

On the road to fully Open Sourcing all of my software… this… well, this is a big one.

As of this moment, Illumination Software Creator is now Free and licensed under the GPL.

A completely visual development environment that can build apps for Android, iOS, Python/GTK, HTML5 and Flash.


And runs on Linux, MacOS X and Windows.

Over the coming days, as the infrastructure gets put in place to support these Open Source projects, I will be releasing the full source.  In the meantime, feel free to grab the binaries from here and go crazy.

Also, over the coming days, all of the content from will be migrating to live here, at  That will just help to keep things simple and organized.

With that, I present to you the obligatory haiku [which compels you to contribute… or something like that]:

Pretty blocks.  Build apps.
Visual Programming.  Sweet.
Open Source.  Awesome.

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  • PaBLoX

    Congrats, I’m glad you open sourced everything. I hope things keep going sweet as they are now.

  • Daniel Clem

    GOD BLESS YA Mr. Lunduke!!!! You are really doing some great work, on the apps, and by releasing them as Freedom Software. 😀

    I believe that is that final app correct? Oh and how will upgrades from 4.3 to the next version, 5.0, be done? Will there eventually be a PPA available to allow for swift and fast upgrades? Or do you prefer them to be done more manually by grabbing the installers?

  • Thomas

    Great. But what about version 5?

  • Scott wears

    So I take it you will be forwarding to here for a while till people get used to the change

  • Jonathan Dixon

    Awesome can not wait for version 5, would love if it if you put a page up asking people to help and what they can do to help, other than donating. Will still be donating as soon as I can, harder finding funds now I am disabled but I still want to help 😀

  • Joe Clayton

    Just pick one!

    By that I mean, do not devote a lot of time to choosing source code control software, hosting, etc. After 30 years as a software engineer, I learned the details can really eat up time. you can always change later if the System you choose doesn’t do what you want.

    BTw: I applaud your choice and congratulate your success. :)

    Joe C

  • Jack

    This one specifically means a lot to me, and is the largest contribution of all from my viewpoint. The sheer amount of people this can introduce to software development is enormous.

    It’s an excellent tool for beginning programmers and hobbyists to create solid applications they can actually share and enjoy. We could even bring it to schools to educate. I hope we can bring Illumination to an ever wider audience with this move, especially since it’s your baby. The amount of value here is simply tremendous.

  • Hark

    Can’t believe there are no comments. I was spending hours online trying to learn a coding language. But, here you are.

  • frodo wiz

    hi brian,
    downloaded this a few months ago and put it in my “must get back to this when hectic life takes a vacation” folder. then i decided to try really hard to kill ubu 12.04 and play with ubu 13.10. i did. it was fun but i forgot to move some packages so i just downloaded it again. this time , moving into the extracted folder and typing ./illumination and the terminal reports ” No such file or directory”
    the file is marked executable, i tried it both at the terminal and file manager. is there an enviorment variable or soft link needing set? when i tried moving the file “illumination” to my home folder, i got “the folder already contains a folder “illumination” which is weird since i was copying a file not a folder. anyway, keep up the great work and make some more bad voltage junk so i have something to listen to while figuring this out..

  • mikethedj4

    Illumination Software Creator now lives, exclusively, at

    One problem; the site is in Japanese! There’s nothing on there about “illumination software creator”. Could you please update the download links?

  • mikethedj4

    Softpedia has the Windows version for Download, but Bryan still has downloadable links on his downloads page here –

  • Nathanoj

    Thank You