We did it. Linux Tycoon, Illumination [and more] are going GPL.

Just 8 days ago I stated that, if I could pull together just $4,000 in contributions, I would Open Source (under the GPL) all of the applications and games you see on this site.

As of about 10 minutes ago, we have hit $4,001 (and some change).

That’s right.  We pulled it off.  Because we are awesome.

We showed that we, as a community, could rally together to fund a developer working full time on Open Source applications.

Now What?

Now things get fun.

  1. Tomorrow I will be updating this website and releasing free (as in beer) builds of all of the software available here (including Linux Tycoon, Illumination Software Creator, etc.).
  2. Then I will be setting up project tracking tools and source control for each application… and uploading the source code licensed under the GPL.

During this time I will be compiling together statistics and information from the past 8 days on how, specifically, this all came together.  Traffic, donation statistics, press information, etc.  My hope is that other indie developers can utilize this information to help them to do something similar.  A detailed and viable case-study.

A Big Thanks

I owe a big, hearty thanks to everyone who has contributed over the last week.  You have helped to show the world that it is completely viable [and practical] for a closed source indie developer to go Open Source and be funded via contributions.  This is a big step.

I would also like to thank all of the organizations [such as OMGUbuntu and the Linux Foundation] and community leaders [like Jono Bacon and Aaron Seigo] who helped get the word out.

You’ll notice that the donation links have moved to the bottom left of the site.  I will also be building some sort of system to show the current donation levels in real-time (or at least semi-real-time).  That way everyone can watch, in a completely transparent way, how things unfold from day-to-day and month-to-month.

Again.  Well done.  Very, very well done.

Keep your eye on this site tomorrow for lots and lots of goodies.

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  • TheDaftRick

    Congrats Bryan!

  • http://odysseystudio.deviantart.com odysseystudio

    Yes Lunduke SDK here I come!!!

  • http://linuxjournalist.blogspot.com LinuxJournallst

    It could bring a tear to my eye, the “Lunduke Suite” goes FOSS.

  • TRPrecht

    I am extremely happy that the goal was met, despite the naysayers. Great job and I can’t wait to try out the software and keep trying to get my friends to support, just in case.

  • http://linuxac.org Jubeh

    Congratulations, you’ve just set an example to many many closed source developers.

    congrats and thank you!

  • http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk Joey-Elijah


  • http://www.thinkteletronics.com EARL CAMERON
  • http://haiku-os.org Urias

    Now, if we can just get all this stuff ported to Haiku :)


  • Yeah

    Are you going to put it up on GitHub?

    Will you be using GPL v2 or v3?

  • Theredbaron

    I would hope he goes with The Greater Lunduke License. Come on, Lunduke sdk, Lunduke language, it needs the Lunduke license.

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  • arbulus

    I’m really surprised. Pleasantly, though.

    Congratulations and best of luck. I really hope you have great success. I’d really like to think I was wrong with my previous frustrations.

  • Thomas

    Congratulations to the Lunduke!

  • eh

    Congrats, great news!

    Theredbaron wrote: “I would hope he goes with The Greater Lunduke License. Come on, Lunduke sdk, Lunduke language, it needs the Lunduke license.” — oh please don’t; if this leads to another license, I sincerely regret donating. But I’m pretty sure Lunduke has thought this through well enough.

  • http://www.softwareontheside.info ShaneQful

    Congrats also I suggest changing the size of the text in you donation drop down so it doesn’t mess with the side bar of the site that drove me insane until I fixed it with firebug for myself :)

  • http://maxmedia.no Kenneth Aar

    Way to show the nay sayers! Finally we can point to a success story that even works on a smaller scale. Congratulations to Bryan and congratulations to the community.

  • MC

    Congratulations. Look forward to watching the real time evolution of this.
    love LAS BTW

  • Jordan

    Congrats Bryan this is truly amazing news! :)

  • http://BitPuffin.tumblr.com Isak Andersson

    Oh, this is fantastic! Great work Bryan. Let’s hope contributions keep rolling in! I know that I’ll keep mine up! And possibly raise it soon. Congratulations!

  • Iluciv

    The Lundukian does it!

    Congrats and a huge thank you for attempting this valiant enterprise.

    Gracious Flurry

  • hossein

    Very thanks!
    Congratulations to the Lunduke!
    Because GPL v3 not v2
    Thanks again

  • Scott wears

    How the hell did you get “$4,001 (and some change).” lmao. I look forward to the white paper on the process

  • jey

    So what happens if people cancel their monthly donation?

  • Scott wears

    y the last comment I was referring to the (and some change) bit

  • http://linuxac.org Jubeh

    @Scott wears pay pal has it’s cut.

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  • http://www.katsumeblisk.om KatsumeBlisk

    I’m surprised that you’re releasing builds. I had assumed you would treat it like Red Hat where you’d release the source code, but you had to pay for builds (and support). Thanks for proving me wrong. :)

  • Anonymoose

    Just mere months ago you badmouthed RMS (or should I say, rms), and now you have embraced Open Source/Free Software as an ethical and preferable means of making a living as a coder. It takes a big man to admit his mistakes and/or hubris and move on in the right direction, and I applaud you for that.

  • http://www.tildehash.com/ Jacob Barkdull

    Just don’t pull a Linus with GPLv2-only licensing, ‘kay?

  • Nicholas ipsen

    Congrats on being positive in the freedom dimension!

  • http://www.softwareontheside.info ShaneQful

    Do pull a Linus with GPLv2 that way I can give someone an embeded device with illuminations hard coded into it and how cool would that be :)

  • av8r0023

    Hooray! Exciting news.

  • http://www.wildpeach.co.za Dean Machine

    Thanks!!! We love you long time!

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