Going Open Source – June 3rd Progress

With less than 36 hours to go in the effort to Open Source my software (Linux TycoonIllumination Software Creator, etc.) this is where we stand.

At the last tally (about 6 hours ago) the total was up to just a bit over $2,100 in contributions.

In other words: We’re over half way there… but with not a lot of time left.

This endeavor has received some excellent endorsements – folks like Jono Bacon (of Ubuntu) and Aaron Seigo (of Vivaldi / KDE).  And an excellent write-up by OMGUbuntu’s Joey Sneddon.

I also spent a little time talking about the goal (and some of my thoughts behind it) in detail on today’s Linux Action Show.

So we’re in the home stretch.

The deadline I set was end of day Monday.  Which, to be honest, was a fairly arbitrary deadline (I simply needed to pick some point to declare as the “end”).  If we can get at least close to the goal by that point, I will gladly extend the deadline out a few days to give enough time to achieve the goal.

So spread the word.  And if you were waiting till the end to contribute… now’s the time.

How To Contribute.

You can contribute one of two ways.  Below is a form that allows you to set up a recurring contribution.  Or you can make a one-time contribution in any amount you wish.

Monthly Contributions
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  • manny

    Am looking forward for this type of model to get some traction.

    But it will need tweaking and more joint effort.

    This, along with an open source “fairware” model is something that can really become a game changer and push things at a more rapid pace:


    So more projects need to sum themselves to the movement for it to go mainstream.

    I hope you can get this discussed with the community on the next “Why XXXX sucks and What we can do about it talk”.

  • Threebestfrends

    Great idea for making money on open source projects and I hope it succeeds for the benefit of the communities future. Have you thought about going an app store website route where users pay to enter but unlike apple, user get an option to download precompiled AND/OR source code versions of your games?

  • http://linuxjournalist.blogspot.com Nicholas Ganey

    C’mon man you’ve got!!! We can do this! Let’s show those anti-open-source-losers that YES OPEN SOURCE WORKS

  • http://odysseystudio.deviantart.com odysseystudio

    That’s it I’m pitching in cause also I want to help develope parts of these software. Good luck to you bryan!!!