Going Open Source – Almost There!

One week ago today, I said that I wanted to Open Source (under the GPL) all of my software.  And, that if I hit $4,000 in contributions by midnight on Monday, the 4th (today), it would happen.

Those applications include:

Well.  Here we are.  Roughly 9 hours away from the deadline.  And here’s where we’re at:

As of the last tally (earlier today), we had broken $3,000.  At the current rate, we’ll likely hit around $3,500 by midnight.

So.  Very.  Close.

Oh well.  Too bad.  Guess everything stay’s closed source.



Just kidding.  To get this close and call it off would be just plain silly.

Here’s the thing: The deadline of midnight tonight was arbitrary.  I had to chose a deadline, so this seemed as good as any.

So I’m extending the goal line out by a few days.  Let’s, say, Friday.  At sundown.  In Seattle, WA [aka 9:05 PM Pacific Time].  Another, even more, arbitrary deadline.  But that gives plenty of time to meet the goal.

How To Contribute.

You can contribute one of two ways.  Below is a form that allows you to set up a recurring contribution.  Or you can make a one-time contribution in any amount you wish.

Monthly Contributions
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  • http://linuxjournalist.blogspot.com Nicholas Ganey

    YES!! I love you do much Bryan!!!!!!! When I get a job, the first thing I get will be a PayPal account and I will start donating.

    -love from a high schooler

  • Thomas

    Well, just being curious: Will The Illumination Creation Service still ship along-side Illumination Software Creator 5.0 on Wednesday, June 6th, as in your announcement?

  • http://lievenhanssen.blogspot.com Lieven

    I’m currently making a PayPal-account just so I can donate to you. I should be able to make my donation in 1-2 working days when there is some money on it.

  • http://facebook.com/siknasa9 Randy

    If I had a card of some sort I would totally do this… but I don’t. I don’t trust banks for non-tinfoil-hat reasons. I’ve been screwed by 3 of them. Sorry.

  • http://raymii.org raymii

    Did another LXer..

  • Mathias


    I hope this will give your software some boost on functionality!

  • http://brian.baligad.name/ briankb

    Just finished listening to LAS. I’m in for 5! Hopefully you can set a trend.