Going Open Source – June 1st Progress

We are now approaching the 4 day mark since I announced my plans to Open Source (GPL) my software (Linux TycoonIllumination Software Creator and the rest).  This is the current tally.

Right now we are sitting at roughly $1,200 in contributions.

This translates to being 57% through with the total time for the goal that I set… with just about 30% of the goal being accomplished.

On the one hand, this is fairly wonderful.  A rag-tag group, of those that follow what I do, has managed to raise a not-insignificant amount in a very short period of time.  You all deserve a fist-bump.

On the other hand… we’re a ways from the goal still.

What’s needed is press coverage.  We’ve gotten some great endorsements of this plan from some pretty prominent community leaders, now we just need news sites to take notice and run a short story on the effort.

Based on the numbers so far, I’m relatively confident that some solid press coverage (or mentions by some of the larger social media folks out there) will push this, at least, close to the goal.  If any of you have a free minute today to send the word to your favorite blogger/writer/social media dude I would not be opposed.

To goal is to hit the mark by end of day this coming Monday.  And, what with today being Friday, now’s the time.  High-five’s (and, hopefully, lots of Open Source software) to all that lend a hand here.

How To Contribute.

You can contribute one of two ways.  Below is a form that allows you to set up a recurring contribution.  Or you can make a one-time contribution in any amount you wish.

Monthly Contributions
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  • Martin

    Brian, why are you open sourcing your applications? Doesn’t a developer need to eat? Or do you have a full time job doing something else now? Just curious. Thanks.

  • Adam N. Outler

    xda-developers will support your project only after it is open sources
    Asking for money to crowd-source development is against the free and open source ethos.

  • http://clems-ramblings.tumblr.com Daniel Clem

    Hey Bryan, is there a way we could see a live widget with the amount here on Lunduke.com? Where each donation would make the number rise? That would be awesome. :-) Also I would like to +1 for Flattr as I hate Paypal. But will use it until Flattr is available.

    @Martin, He is making a push to make them open source and to support his family from monthly donations from the community. (That would be you and me, and anyone else) He has always said that he wants to make them open source, but was unsure about what would be the best model to do so. This is a way he has decided to make his first attempt with.

    I personally think he could still charge a very small price for the Illumination Software Creator, and the Blaba game Creator, for the sole fact of creating the installation files (the .deb, .dmg, and .exe files) because very few people would know how to compile from source. And that would be a good way for people to donate, without subscribing on a monthly basis.

  • http://linuxjournalist.blogspot.com Nicholas Ganey

    OMG Ubuntu did a fantastic write up bryan, I am just sad that I am still 17/without a well paying job (AdSense blows) and that I cannot donate. I didn’t know that you were also making a statement with this. Buena Suerte!

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  • http://softwareontheside.info Shaneqful

    Hope it helps I’d really like this model to succeed :) so I gave you a blog post with a promise I’d make an even beter u1 plugin for dolphin if you succeed


  • http://www.thinkteletronics.com EARL CAMERON

    why cant you just sell your software and give them a copy of the source code with a modified gpl license? Also why dont you start a kick starter just for kicks? also I bought ISC, i am a subscriber to jupiter broadcasting and I am supporting your cause!