Going Open Source – Progress & What’s Needed

It’s been 48 hours since I launched my grand campaign to Open Source (under the GPL) all of my software (including Linux Tycoon and Illumination Software Creator), and here’s where we stand.

As of this moment we’re sitting at just over the $800 mark in contributions.

Which means we’re 28% through with the total time I initially set for this goal, with roughly 20% of the goal accomplished.

Not bad.  Falling a bit short of the initial goal, but not a bad start.

The plan has gotten some hearty endorsements from the likes of Aaron Seigo (of KDE and the Vivaldi tablet) and Jono Bacon (of Canonical/Ubuntu), and the support/encouragement from the community has been stellar.  A big, hearty thanks to everyone who has lent a hand and contributed so far.

What’s really needed, at this point, is significant media coverage.  The more eyes that read this, the more likely it is to be successful.

So here’s what I’m asking: If you feel this project is important and worthwhile, spread the word.  Twitter, Facebook, Google+… any social media.  Send the links out.  If there are tech/game/open source sites that you like… send them a note.  Let them know what’s happening.  Big or small, every little bit helps.

How To Contribute.

You can contribute one of two ways.  Below is a form that allows you to set up a recurring contribution.  Or you can make a one-time contribution in any amount you wish.

Monthly Contributions
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  • http://www.hardcoded.net/ Virgil Dupras

    Shameless plug here, but I’d like to offer my own open source vs money experience — Fairware — to you, maybe it can help:


  • Adam

    How are you applying the one-off donations with respect to the $4000 a month target? Is it just you’ll go free if $4000 comes in this week? Or are you after $4000 dollars from recurring and anything extra is a bonus? Or are you applying some sort of weighting to the one-offs?

  • http://www.lunduke.com Bryan

    Adam : I’m including the one-off donations in the running total currently and am applying them towards the $4,000 mark. Once that goal has been hit I will break out the two different types of donations (most of which, so far, have been recurring types) so that everyone can see how much of each is coming in.

  • http://www.glatelier.org/ PaBLoX

    I just subscribed for just a bit, I’m sorry for not being able to give more =(.

    Thanks for your initiative :)

  • http://www.glatelier.org/ PaBLoX

    Bottom line: I suscribed even when I’ve bought everything from Radical Breeze ;)

  • wisemonkey

    Can you please provide a flattr button ? I would be glad to provide my subscription through it (just a preference).

    I understand if its not possible to have flattr in that case I’ll donate through other means

  • Celso

    Actually, i think you should give it more time since it isn’t very covered. People should spread it more. guive it a few more days like 2 or so. I hope you succeed because i really love linux software and you deserve it. Thank you for your initiative.

    Best regards,


  • manny

    Am a fan of lunduke and the LAS.

    I know this is an experiment, But I believe this effort needs to be pushed on a much BIGGER AND TRANSPARENT SCALE.

    Not only to get a few users on board, but even corporations.

    my full thoughts here:


    Is time to create BIG awareness on the full open source/linux community, but with a “combined effort” and central campaign, website, repository, etc..

    If someone can be the catalyst for this, it sure is Bryan!

  • zerothis

    I’m trying to subscribe, but paypal is not cooperating for paypal payment or credit card payment. Are there any alternatives ?