Build iOS apps from Linux/Windows – Illumination Creation Service

Imagine a world where you design your app on a Windows or Linux PC, hit a button, and have a native iPhone app built and ready for deployment.

Imagine a world where you design your app on a Mac, hit a button, and have a native Android app built… without ever installing the Android SDK.

Now imagine that you did all that without writing a single drop of “code” and you have zero experience with computer programming.

This is now real.

I give you: “The Illumination Creation Service” and Illumination Software Creator 5.0.

Here’s what this is, from a very high level:

Illumination Software Creator is a tool that allows you to visually design your app (the way it looks, the way it works, everything – there is no “coding”) then build versions of that app for Android, iOS, HTML5 and more.

Illumination Creation Service is a free online service that takes your Illumination Software Creator Deluxe Edition project and returns a native, ready to use, app for iPhone, iPad, Android, Mac (as a standalone .app file), Windows (as a .exe file) and Flash.

Here’s how it works from your perspective:

  1. You design your app using Illumination Software Creator.  This makes you happy because it is so easy to do.
  2. You hit the “Creation Service” toolbar button and select what you want to build for (iOS, Android, etc.).
  3. You wait a few seconds while your project file is sent to the Creation Service and your app is prepared.
  4. A built, native version of your app is downloaded to your computer and is ready to go.

Some Additional Details:

  • The Illumination Creation Service is completely free for users of Illumination Software Creator Deluxe Edition.
  • The Illumination Creation Service will ship along-side Illumination Software Creator 5.0 on Wednesday, June 6th (just over a week from this announcement).
  • Illumination Software Creator is a completely free upgrade for all existing users.  [So if you buy before June 6th, you will get 5.0 for free.]

This is only the tip of the iceberg for Illumination 5.0.  Keep an eye here for more information, on both the Creation Service and Illumination 5.0, over the coming days.

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  • Jonathan Dixon

    Hi just to let you now you made a mistake when naming the system format extensions. Other than that this is awesome news.

  • ShaneQful

    Are the android apks signed ? ie could I download your apk and sign it with jar signer on the command line and not have to touch eclipse at all to put it in the market ? Also for iOS is this legal ?

  • Raymii

    Sounds absolutely awesome! Are you planning on providing a local version for that too (offline)? Xcode is pretty darn hard to setup on a mac 😛 (As well as python GTK if you’re not a linux geek.., thank god we have macports). I would be willing to pay extra for an offline version, like 25 bucks minimum. How’s the Haiku target support going?

  • godmachine

    I like the fact that it is cross platform tool and generates code that will run on all platforms, however how complex is the actual structure of the language behind the scenes? i.e. Can you write advanced applications with this or is it just in an infancy where it doesn’t have many capabilities aside from simple hello world style apps and the beginner style games listed in the examples page? Would love to see some example software that actually has a desirable modern day use that was written with ISC before dishing out the hefty price tag on it. Thanks

  • TheDaftRick

    Awesome, is 5.0 going to use the Lunduke SDK?

    I can’t wait for it to come out on June 6th or “the next few days hopefully”

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