“RadicalFlow” – Build iPhone apps with no code. SAYWHUT?

I’m going to put this out there with very little commentary.

There is a company that has named themselves “RadicalFlow“.  They have started a Kickstarter project to build a tool to visually build iPhone apps without writing any code.  (They don’t have it built yet.)

I run a company.

That company is named “Radical Breeze“.  Radical Breeze makes a piece of software that allows you to visually build iPhone (and Android, HTML5, Flash, Maemo and Desktop) apps without writing any code.

“Radical Breeze” exists, for years now, and builds a visual programming tool for a ton of platforms.

“RadicalFlow” does not exist, starts a Kickstarter project to fund building a tool like what “Radical Breeze” makes… only for far, far less platforms.

That screenshot above?  That’s from something that’s shipping.

Are these guys copying what I do?  I don’t know.  (Honestly, it’s impossible to know at this point, as they haven’t shipped anything.)

But, if they are not copying, then they should probably learn to do a quick google search before starting and naming a project (and a company).

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  • WindPower

    At first I thought it was going to be a complete rip-off due to the similarity in the name.

    After watching their video, no, it looks genuinely different. Not sure if the name is a troll move towards you or a bad coincidence.

    But yes, I know that feeling of “I didn’t even do a Kickstarter and I created something much better than them and much before them, yet they’re the ones getting money and recognition” all too well…

  • Adam

    I’m not sure how they could spontaneously come up with “RadicalFlow” and a very similar product premise and have it all be a coincidence.

    You’re a smart fellow, hopefully you can manipulate the buzz around it to lead more people to your own product!

  • Mathias

    Same as WindPower.

    The software does’t really looks like ICS. And I thinks that’s the purpose. I don’t think it’s easy to create real ‘logic’ in their program. Seems to be more like a program that creates ‘displaying, apps, or frontends.

    The fact is, ICS wil be more powerfull in the end, and it’s not way overpriced like their program. (Altough, they have many control properties that would be realy nice to see in ICS! ;))

  • ArthurM

    The thing is Bryan, lets say someone learns about this kickstarter project, gets real excited about it thinks ‘thats so cool but i wish i could create something like that for Linux/Windows/Mac/blah blah’…then he/she looks on Google for it, finds ICS and realises thats everything they were looking for. It’s not a bad thing, this could be good for you.
    In fact, I only discovered ICS because I was real excited about Google’s App Inventor but it looked kinda shakey, I looked around and voila…I found ICS.
    I don’t care what other ideas come out that resemble it. I find ICS to be a monster in what it does and I know others will too

  • Sparrowhawk

    So, does this mean that the MAS version of ISC will finally get updated to parity with the current non-MAS version? I know I’ve asked before (forums and here on blog on April 14th), but it has not been answered as yet.

    I’m still stuck at 4.1. I’m sure all of us who bought via the MAS would appreciate an update to know when we too can have all the latest goodies.

    Many thanks in advance.