Linux Tycoon now available for Windows

Linux Tycoon, the worlds premier “Linux Distro Building Simulation Game”, is now available for Windows.

That’s right.  Even if you work at Microsoft on Microsoft Bob (or whatever Microsoft is doing nowadays, I can never remember) you can spend some quality time honing your Linux Distro Building skillz.

If you have already purchased Linux Tycoon (which only costs $4 while in Beta… so, seriously, why not?) you will be receiving an email within the next few hours with instructions on how you can grab the Windows version.

$4.  Versions for MacOS X, Windows and Linux.  No DRM.  Fancy.

And be sure to check out the Linux Tycoon forum if you’d like to help shape the future of Linux Tycoon by offering gameplay ideas and feedback.

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  • Lasse Nielsen

    Would you like to send an email so I can download the game for os x?
    I paid yesterday!

  • Alex

    Very “Game Dev Story” looking… I like it! Well done again, sir.

  • Markthetrigeek

    I think I may have messed up my email when I entered in my purchase. When I bought 2299 the d/l was sent instantly, unfortunately I’m still waiting for LT. I have the screen capture of my purchase if you need verification.

    Thanks for your help.

    p.s. Take care of the goats then send the links. 😉

  • Bryan

    Lasse Nielsen & Markthetrigeek: Definitely send a me your paypal receipt email. Everything is pretty automagical. If you don’t receive the game(s) within about, say, 10 minutes of purchasing… then something went wrong. If you email me, I can manually send that to you.

  • David

    Nice write up in tech crunch.