Linux Tycoon – The Linux Distro Building Game

Today I am announcing a new game.  An important game.  An awesome game.

Linux Tycoon.

The idea is simple: You design and manage your own distribution of Linux and compete against other Distro’s.

Here’s a sample of just a few of the exciting things you’ll be doing while playing Linux Tycoon:

  1. Analyzing and selecting software packages.
  2. Fixing Bugs.
  3. Managing volunteers and paid staff.
  4. Keeping the total size (in MB) of your Distro at a reasonable level.
  5. And so much more!

Seriously though.  It is fun.  (It is a game, after all.  You don’t actually fix bugs yourself.)

Basically take all the fun parts of building your own Linux Distro… and take out all the work.  Bam! Instant entertainment!

Linux Tycoon will be released on Friday, March 30th (that’s this Friday) for $5.

DRM free and available for Linux, Windows and Mac.  (That’s right… for the first time ever, Mac and Windows users can enter the world of Linux Distro-building!  We’re building bridges here, people!)

Check back right here on Friday for the mega-launch (which is like a normal game launch only more “mega”) of Linux Tycoon.

In the mean-time, you can always check out my other game: “2299 : THE GAME“.  Which is an old-school adventure game that really is nothing at all like Linux Tycoon.


Did I say Friday, March 30th?  What I meant to say was “early in the morning on Monday, April 2nd”.  :)

The game itself is play-tested and ready to go with the “Bryan Lunduke Stamp Of Approval”… except for 3 things that are kinda-sorta important:

  1. An icon.
  2. Tested packages and installers.
  3. And the web page.

Work, on all three, is underway… but won’t be ready in the next few hours.  So Monday morning it is!

I recommend that everyone use your final “Linux Tycoon-free weekend” to do a Costco run and stock up on hot pockets, muffins and vitamin water.

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  • TheDaftRick

    Sounds cool.
    Please make Chakra’s fake name: Cha-Kah-Rah-Kah-Rah

  • Daniel Clem

    Hey, could you please make this particular game open source?? I would gladly pay 10 dollars for an open source distro builder game.

    Even 20 if it made real distros and took all the hard work and programing out of making any kind of distro (user could really choose debian, suse, ubuntu, arch, ect) And would aid in bug fixing as well. Much like Illumination brings Programming to non programmers. Just a thought. :-)

    God Bless ya Bryan,

  • Kaworus_lover

    Two questions –

    1) Is the game going to be “Hardcore” (like a SimCity) or “Not so Hardcore” (like GameDev Story)?

    2) Will the game be netbook friendly?

  • Daniel Clem

    Ok brain farted on that one lol since illumination is 50 normally, than the Distro builder, (real one, not game one) would proportionaly be at least that much. Maybe more depending on the amount of work it would require from you. But would still pay it as I suck at programming and distro administration at this point of my Life. lol

  • Bryan

    Definitely in the “Not so Hardcore” camp. In many ways it’s a bit more complex than GameDev Story, but it is very much that sort of game.

    Definitely netbook friendly.

  • Stephen Martin

    You oughta called it “Lunix” instead of Linux. It’s linux * lunduke. :p

  • Mim

    As I’m tied to an iOS device until I get my Vivaldi, any chance of an iOS release?

  • MaTachi

    Sounds like an awesome game concept. :P

  • Bill

    Shouldn’t be called GNU/Linux Tycoon? I sense negativity in the freedom dimension.

    Just kiddin. Can’t wait to play! =^)

  • Chris

    What RMS don’t realise is that GNU is a bad name and GNU/Linux is a really bad name. Linux just sound awesome.
    I will buy this game :)

  • Mathias

    Sounds like a cool game! Can’t wait to see some more screenshots, I have no to play a game like that!

  • Jesse

    Sounds great, I’ll definitely pick this up. :)

    I hope this game includes serious moral choices, such as how to walk the fine line between being a religious zealot and a windows software shop (ie FSF vs RedHat) :D

  • lightonflux

    Are there any plans for the Ubuntu-Software-Center?

  • Zane

    Can “Bryan tore your hopes, dreams, and distro to shreds on LAS with a grumpy review.” be the equivalent of “dying of dysentery” in the game? (jk, I love LAS.)

  • Chris

    So it is Friday, March 30th now… were is the game?

  • Jimmy the Jew

    Constantly refreshing this page.

  • Beidl


  • Chris

    Bryan why wont you let me tell you to shut up and take my money?

  • Bryan

    Check the “Update” above.

    Chris: I promise to allow you to give me your money on Monday. :)

  • Jimmy the Jew

    Good thing I didn’t call in sick for the weekend yet.

  • Chris

    But Bryyyan we don’t have Costco or hot pockets in Sweden. How am I suppose to prepare myself :P

  • Barnabyh

    LooooniX !

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  • http://www.holarse-linuxgaming,de meldrian

    Free weekend – Check
    Energydrink – Check
    Pizza & hotpockets – Check
    5 bucks – Check
    Linux Tycoon – …

    You ruined my weekend buddy :-)
    I‛ll stay here until monday and wait.

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  • zerothis

    $10 for GPL

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  • M J

    I would like to file a bug.

    Distros named Fedora should NEVER get a good review on the Linux Action Show.

  • Lassi

    Best tycoon ever!
    Played two hours, drank six beers and it’s still awesome :-)

    There’s some pretty good suggestions in the forums for the game… can’t wait the next version!

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  • Desmo

    What’s min. system req. to run this game?