Make your own Android Roms easily with Easy Development Studio

I was reading a post over at xda developers yesterday about a rather cool new application that makes it easy to build custom Android roms – Easy Development Studio.

If you’ve ever sat down to build your own Android rom, you know what a slow, difficult process it can be (especially as you’re learning).  This piece of software aims to automate, and generally make easy, a huge percentage of the process.

Just a few hours after reading about this (and thinking, “I should let people know about this… this is good stuff”) I received an email from the developer of Easy Development Studio, Wess (wes342 on the xda forum).  In that email I learned two very cool things:

1) Wess is a fan of the Linux Action Show.

2) His super awesome piece of software was built using Illumination Software Creator.

“Overall Illumination has made this project possible.  Even just using it to create a UI and coding the rest of the project by hand would be invaluable. The learning benefits are amazing I’m learning python every time I create a custom block.”  – Wess

(Note: Custom Blocks are a way to extend the functionality of Illumination.)

I love this project for so many reasons.  Not only does it save time for Android Rom developers (and make the whole process approachable), but it is a great example of the kinds of pro-level, quality applications you can build with Illumination.

Wess, along with Sarkis (the other developer on the project), has put together something very cool here.

You can get more information and download the Linux binary at the Easy Development Studio website and follow development in the forum thread (Linux-only at the moment, but it sounds like Windows/Mac versions are in the works.)

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  • damnated

    This is so cool.

  • Benjamin M. Strozykowski

    Whoa, if they set the target to Android in ISC, can I build my Android ROM using my Android tablet?


    this is really cool…they seriously need to rethink the name of the program…maybe… “LCARS – Lunduke Custom Android Rom Studio”

    I like it. :)

  • UltraNerdyHackerGuy

    Total genius! If this works… OMG… If this works it’ll save me a boat load of time & aggravation enduced headaches. Making roms BY HAND is about the most tedious, most mindless, and just plain boring grunt-work in all of nerdom