State of the Lunduke SDK – Jan, 2012

The Lunduke SDK (The Lunduke Language and the Lunduke Compiler, along with the supporting files) was first announced 2 months back, and I wanted to give everyone an update on what has been happening and where things are heading.

(For those new to the Lunduke SDK, here it is in a nutshell: Write a piece of software in the Lunduke Language — which is designed to be easy to learn and read — and use the Lunduke Compiler to generate native source code for any desired platform.  Currently supporting all platforms supported by Illumination Software Creator — iOS, Android, Python, Flash and HTML55 — plus a new target for C/ncurses.  The resulting applications are always native for each desired platform, without the need to learn a new framework or port your app.  And, of course, the SDK is open source.)

The big news, since we announced the project, is that we have decided that keeping the Lunduke Compiler written in C just doesn’t make any sense — and we are finishing up porting the Compiler to Lunduke itself.

That’s right.  The Lunduke Compiler is now written in the Lunduke Language.

This provides us with two, very big, advantages:

  1. It has given us a real world example of what it is like porting a project written in C (the Compiler) to a project written in Lunduke.  And, so far, it has been a cake-walk.
  2. We can now compile the Compiler for any target that the SDK supports.  That means we can run the Compiler itself as an HTML5 web app, an Android app, etc..  The possibilities this opens up are quite cool.

We expect this work to be complete over the next week.  At which point we will be releasing the full source (in Lunduke) under the GPL license — along with builds of the Compiler.

There has been some excellent feedback over the last month, resulting in some very cool additions to the SDK.  Most notably:

  • We have added the ability to over-ride functions, provided by the default SDK, with user provided functions (all written in the same XML format) — making it much easier to customize the SDK to meet the needs of any particular project.

A very big, and very exciting time for the project.  If you’d like to become involved, the best way would be to join up at the Lunduke SDK Forum and say hello.  What we need right now:

  • People who love to document.  The Wiki is a good start, but we’re going to need much more documentation very soon (including examples).
  • We could also use people who have skills with platforms that we aren’t currently supporting.  If you have experience building apps for Haiku, C++/QT, Java/Swing, WebOS, AmigaOS, etc… we’d love to have your involvement.  Adding support for new platforms to the Lunduke SDK is an astoundingly simple task (it’s all a matter of adding a new platform to the existing XML files that describe each piece of functionality)… assuming you know your way around said platform.
  • And, if you don’t want to become actively involved but still want to support the project, consider buying Illumination Software Creator (which the Lunduke SDK is based, in part, on).  We are, quite literally, a mom-and-pop shop, and sales of our software allow us to continue working on and building the Lunduke SDK.  (Worth noting: The next major release of Illumination is being written entirely in Lunduke.)

That’s all for this update!  Time for me to get back to coding!

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  • Benjamin M. Strozykowski


  • Tapp Darden

    +Benjamin M. Strozykowski
    its actually pretty common among programing programming langadges to be self-hosting

    very cool that Lunduke-sdk joins the self-hosting crowd! that is pretty exciting. I also like that we get C/ncurses.

  • Matt

    Awesome news, Bryan!

    How about a coupon code for ISC for us HN readers?!

  • spinynorman

    Hey Bryan,
    Wish I could help, but I don’t have the skills yet. I’m still glad I bought Illumination…and still think it cheap at twice the price…I’m telling nearly everyone I know, so I hope that helps a little…can’t wait to see how things develop…


  • Harsh Kumar

    Hi Bryan,

    Have you release the source code for lunduke sdk or compiler? The wiki page says that code can be found on launchpad but I did not find any code there. I am interested in getting involved in this project (if I get some free time).

  • ddavid123

    Bryan, I am really amazed at what you have achieved in such a short time! Is there any performance issues with the compiler written in Lunduke Language? Is it compiled into Python?

    Will the Lunduke Language have it’s own IDE or will the illumination software creator be that? You are the man, Bryan! Keep up the great work!

  • buzuzu

    Nice work Brian, what your doing amazes me every time load up ISC and now your creating the lunduke language wow!.

  • Hoover

    Hey Bryan,

    sounds like excellent news. I’ve been wondering all along what / who you mean when you say “we”… is it just you and your evil twin brother that’s chained up in the attic, is it Lunduke industries, the evil overlord of 5,000 cubicle dwellers coding away day and night under your merciless iron fist?

    Just wondering.

    All the best & keep up the good work,


  • Bryan

    The Lunduke SDK was originally created by myself, and is being developed by “Radical Breeze”, which consists of two people. Myself and my wife (my wife is a developer also).

    We are, quite literally, a mom and pop shop.

  • Frank R

    How do I subscribe to this blog? I’d like to keep up to date on this activity.

  • Bryan

    Frank R: RSS Feed link on the left side.

  • Thomas

    “We expect this work to be complete over the next week” – It already has been a very long long long week now… 😉