Going on sabbatical from the Linux Action Show

It’s official:

I am taking a sabbatical from recording the Linux Action Show.

I love the Linux Action Show.  But, right now, I need to focus my time on some other areas.  (If you pay attention to my various shenanigans, you’ve got a pretty good idea of what I’ll be spending my time on.)  There’s only so much one man can do… so I had to make some cuts somewhere.

My co-host, Chris, will continue to record the show weekly (with an excellent guest host).  I have total confidence that, even without my gorgeous mug, the show will continue to rock.

Now, while you’re here, go buy my comic book and my software. :)

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  • Joseph

    Top 10 Reasons Bryan Lunduke Left the Linux Action Show:

    10. Inside source: “It’s like the Vampire Diaries, except replace Stefan and Damon with Bryan and Chris, and Elena with Danica Patrick.”

    9. After watching Dumbo with his kid, Bryan just couldn’t go through with being on a podcast sponsored by GoDaddy anymore.

    8. Stephen Elop and Leo Apotheker decided to cancel Byan too.

    7. While down in the SSH tunnel mining bitcoins for Chris, a cessation of Tweets made Bryan realize his job was no longer safe.

    6. “Look Chris, I know you don’t feel safe playing Star Trek Online with a red shirt on, but can’t you wear a yellow or black shirt? Why no shirt? And that doesn’t even begin to explain the lack of pants.”

    5. Needed more time to pursue his work on a children’s Linux distribution, OpenSeuss.

    4. In the original unaired version of LAS episode s18e06, Bryan showed up drunk and referred to the most popular Linux distro as “Your Buns too” throughout the entire podcast.

    3. After episode s18e04, Bryan decided to take time off and not return until Illumination Software Creator was low-resource enough to run on the potato that runs Linux.

    2. Contract negotiations broke down after Chris told Bryan, “Look, you’ve got two options here: contract update, or contract updates.”

    And the number one reason Bryan Lunduke left the Linux Action Show:

    1. Intellectual property issues – Children’s Television Workshop issued a trade complaint alleging that Chris and Bryan violated their trademark of Bert and Ernie. A German judge was quick to issue an injunction.

  • http://fletchersharp.com Fletcher

    Been hugely grateful that you turned me onto the Nokia N900 tablet. Loving it as my primary Skype phone and hacker toy. Can’t wait to see what your efforts come up with to make a Debian platform for the platform. AA-aaaaaaall the best!

  • pfindan

    AWWWW… Can’t wait to see you back on the show! The show just isn’t the same without you..

  • ArchAttack

    While I think Chris is a wonderful guy I dont think the show is the same without you, I mean hell when I’m bored or just in a slum of a mood I watch the show specificly to see you because every few seconds you make me bust out laughing. I especially enjoyed the show where you talked about my favorite distro Arch, “Dont try arch, read the manual, don’t try Arch…but then try Arch” 😛 I just hope you actually return because so many times people leave shows saying they will return but never do.

  • Us3r_Unfriendly

    sudo mount /dev/BriansFace /mnt/

  • wkromer

    Without you Bryan, the Linux Action show is too kind and too much like Tech Snap. Return soon.

  • Templeton

    B man, Those comments about JJ Abrams finally hit a raw nerve. We know he has you locked up until you apologize. Hold on, Don’t Break, Help is on the way.

  • Preston

    Dude, you are the show! Love your Illumination software! Keep in touch…come back soon.

  • Jim

    Please come back soon!!!

  • Brian Beck

    Been missing you on LAS, come back when you’re feeling the urge (hopefully soon).


  • Cammin

    Wow, this sucks more than Netflix. I’ve stopped watching since you left, hoping you had short-term obligations or something along those lines. Switch over to Jupiter Broadcasting on Sunday afternoons, start the show, wait, wait, then no B-man. Press the stop button. Same routine for a few weeks. Still hoping for a return. Find this article on DuckDuck and dang there it is. Fin. Thank you for being you. You are destined for something greater.

  • aznAnon

    LAS is just like Tech Snap without you Bryan. plz come back. : (

  • http://dougroyal.com Doug

    Hey did you hear about that really stupid thing Fedora’s doing? Wow! You should make a cameo rant . . . call it a rameo.

  • Rob From Raleigh

    We miss you from the show! My 6 year-old son (soon to be 7) that I told you about earlier this year says he now finds the show boring…except for the 30 seconds or so that Danica Patrick is on the screen. :) But he no longer goes around that house saying “Linux Action Shoooooooooooow” like he did before. It was great to see the upcoming generation get so pumped on Linux thanks to your efforts!

    Anyway, it’s all worth it if your sabbatical lets you have more time with your little one. That time goes quickly and cannot ever be gotten back if it is missed. But, please do come back to the show soon…we really do miss the chemistry you and Chris had!

  • http://jasonjohnwells.com jason john

    Have a young kid is wonderful yet a time sucking vampire.

    What about a Lunduke’s Linux Rant segment recorded at random.

    All this week on Lunduke’s Linux Rannnnnnt!

  • Andrew

    You are incorrect. The LAS no longer rocks. Pity. Was a good show. Moovin on…

  • Steve

    Just watched LAS and I’m really sorry to say it, but despite the other guys best efforts its going down the pan.

  • http://unixzen.com Alex

    Sucks man… LAS just isn’t the same. The host combination works for TechSnap… but LAS just isn’t the same.

    I’m finding it harder and harder to get excited about new LAS episodes :(

  • Varadhan SKM

    We want you back! I loved your funny comments. Please come back.

  • http://music.the-erm.com/ Erm

    I miss you Bryan. Please come back.

  • http://www.threadbox.net/ Adam

    I feel compelled to add to the echos. I still enjoy the show with Chris & Allan — and yes other guests would be welcome — but LAS is not the same show without Bryan.

    I hope the dood works through his stuff and finds a way to return.


  • David

    Is it just me, but I always considered LAS a comedy show first. News/Reviews second. Hell, Linux second for that matter. If the choice was to entertain or inform, you guys seemed to choose entertain. If we happened to be informed in our faces too; well that’s just cake. The new LAS just isn’t as funny. Worse, it doesn’t seem to try. I like Alan. But he’s about as funny as a piece of toast. That got kicked to the back of the toaster. And each time you make toast, he just sits in the back. Smoldering. Awkwardly making small talk with all the new toast. Wondering when oh Lord will it be his turn to be retrieved from the toaster. Until it finally bursts into flames. And you have to pull it out with tongs and throw it in your sink. Douse it with water. And as you stand there looking at a wet piece of charred bread, you think to yourself, ‘well…that was exciting…’

  • bart

    The show us just not the same without you! Nothing against Chris and Allan, but you added entertainment value that’s just not there anymore. Now its a complete geek show……..snore. if I want that ill listen to twit.

  • Jimbo

    I finally decided to search Google on why the B-Man has not been on the Linux Action Show recently.

    And I came to this post and was sad to see the news…

    I miss the Action Intros and the most opinionated Linux User ever.

    I hope the B-Man soon comes back.

  • Al

    Twit sucks and doesn’t fill the niche that you & Chris brought to the fight (no offense to Allan as well). How about adding a countdown clock to your blog for the end of your sabbatical? Seriously, your Ubuntu review was AWESOME and I couldn’t even find another podcast that even broached a fraction of what you did in your write-up.

  • brad

    Hope you get out soon… next time get a decent lawyer

  • John

    Bryan please come back! I still listen to LAS and even appreciate what Allan brings to some of the topics. But as so many others have said it’s just not the same program without you.

    If you really can’t return right now, please at least record some intros for them!

  • https://plus.google.com/105515977230064278842/ cowboycamilo

    I also had to search Google for a direct response to the big question… why is B-Man gone?, no offence to the rest but the LAS is no longer “the” LAS, I really stopped listening to it cause its just not the same show anymore, I think B-Man was the soul of the show and i really really really hope he comes back on, i miss his: “ALL THIS WEEK ON THE LINUX ACTION SHOW!!!!” and all the rest stuff he did on the show.
    So there it is… missa sad…

  • SecureZone

    Linux Action Show is a big fail now.

    Return back to save its ass.

    There is no other cure, Bryan!

    Plan B) make your own show, and I’ll damn freaking subscribe to it!

  • Lundude

    We need to know, will you ever go back to LAS ? Not going to watch anymore LAS till you are back on it.

  • Luis

    Been a LAS listener for about 3 years and it’s not the same. I’m a sysadmin and the shows now are not that informative nor entertaining.

    Wish you would come back soon.

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