Road-Sign Hank Issue #1

Say hello to the worlds newest, and nerdiest, hero…

Road-Sign Hank

The very first issue of Road-Sign Hank’s comic book is now available!

I’m going to keep this short and sweet with a bulleted list of why you, very much, want to grab this comic (even if you’re not normally a comic book reader).

– This is an epic adventure, spanning the galaxy.

– It’s got everything a growing boy needs.  Aliens, flying saucers, adventure, loyal friends, dogs and just a bit of romance (though not too much mooshy stuff!).

– This story is completely kid-safe.  You could read this with your 2 year old kid without a single worry.

– There’s some funny bits as well.

– You can buy the digital versions (as PDF and CBZ files) completely free of any DRM.  (Hank is a big fan of freedom.)

– The artwork was designed on a Linux workstation using Inkscape.

– The art is all “Road Sign Style”.  Which is awesome.

– It only costs $3.99 (USD).

Let me sum this up:

If you like adventure, sci-fi, space travel, heroes, epic tales or general awesomeness… then you are going to want to read this.

You can buy the digital version from my Comic Book Store.  If you’re still not convinced, give the PDF sample pages a try.

A physical, print version will be available for purchase shortly (just waiting on sample prints to get back to me for approval).

And, in case you were wondering: New issues will arrive on the 2nd Wednesday of each month.

Now go show Hank some love.


You can now purchase physical copies from for $4.99!

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