Illumination Software Creator 2.1 is available!

Illumination IconWhen Illumination Software Creator first launched, just a few short months ago, we had a 4 key goals:

1) Allow anyone to make their own software, regardless of whether or not they have any programming experience.
2) The process of building new apps should be 100% visual and easy to learn.  No coding required.
3) Support as many platforms and systems as possible to allow one project to build apps that run almost anywhere.
4) Applications built with Illumination must not require any custom runtime, virtual machine or libraries.  They must be native and built in an optimal way for their target platform.

These goals are lofty, to be sure.  Many doubted it was even possible to pull this off.

I’m proud to say that we’ve nailed each and every one of them.

And today we are rolling out the next version of Illumination Software Creator: Version 2.1.

Hi There AndroidThe big news in this version:

Full support for building Android apps.

That’s right.  In addition to Windows, Linux, MacOS X, Flash websites and Maemo applications… Illumination can now create fully native Android applications.

We’ve even added a new Web Browser widget that allows you to add web browsing functionality to your Android applications.

Version 2.1 also brings with it a host of usability improvements and bug fixes.  And, of course, this update is free for all users.

We are, needless to say, pretty excited.  Illumination is in a class by itself: allowing anyone to create their own software… and able to do so for more platforms than darn near any development tool on the planet.  (And we are just getting started.)

But we want to kick it up a notch.

Recently we had a “Name Your Own Price” sale where you could… name your own price for Illumination.  And it got us thinking…

ISC ShotWhy not always have Illumination Software Creator be available in a “Name Your Own Price” way?  That way it is accessible to anyone.  College students and IT Professionals alike.

So that’s what we’re doing.  Starting today you can officially choose what price Illumination is worth to you from the online store using a handy-dandy slider.

Will we make less money by doing it this way?  Who knows.  We just might.  But Illumination is important.  And it should be accessible to as many people as possible.

So go to  Download version 2.1 (and the tutorial, if you are new to Illumination) from the Download tab.  Check out some of the examples while you are there to get your feet wet.  Then head over to the Illumination Forum if you want to talk with other Illumination users or ask questions.

Now it’s time for us to get back to work on version 2.2… which will freak some people out.

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  • Egil

    Any plans to include database support? Even proper programmers would love to create rapid database frontends that actually work (unlike access). A very quick google seems to confirm that sqlite is avaiable on all platforms. Think off all the cool applications people could create :)

  • Bryan

    Egil: Yes. Database functionality is on our short-term roadmap.

  • Craig

    I am very interested in this software for schools, having taught my students to use such programs as Scratch and 3D Rad. One of the major applications I would have for this project is the ability to create iPhone apps from any platform (i.e other than Mac).

    In terms of site licences, do you have actual site licences available or is it just a matter of buying the number of licences that you require?

    Congratulations on a fantastic approach to accessible programming.

    Eagerly anticipating 2.2